Alumni Faces: Xi Chen ’12

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Look who is back in the northeast! Xi Chen ’12 was a 4-year student at New Hampton School and is now back in New Hampshire. From cross country to tennis to dance, Xi was an active student and athlete in her time here. In addition to being an AP Scholar, she received numerous awards in tennis and dance and was also a cast member in the spring musical “Fools” during her senior year.

Since graduation, Xi went on to UCLA for her undergraduate degree and then went on to work at Cedars-Sinai—a non-profit hospital in Los Angeles—for 2 years. After that, she began medical school at California University of Science and Medicine and is currently a fourth-year medical student completing a rotation at Dartmouth College in nearby Hanover, New Hampshire. Thank you, Xi, for catching up with us!

What brings you to Dartmouth?

I am pursuing orthopedic surgery and Dartmouth has a wonderful orthopedic surgery residency program. Fourth-year medical students have opportunities to visit other institutions to get a sense of the culture and training experience there. Therefore, I decided to do a rotation at Dartmouth.

What excites you about returning to the northeast?

I am excited to reconnect with the people here. The scenery in New Hampshire is unbeatable!

What skills have you found to be most important after graduation?

Working as a part of the team and self-directed learning. 

Who at New Hampton was an influence on you?

A lot of people influenced me at New Hampton. Mrs. Brewster and Ms. Farr-Williams were always there for me. Ms. Kang, Mr. Freeman, and Mr. Shackett helped me explore science which led me to the path of medicine. 

What is a current goal you are pursuing for yourself outside of your career?

To read more. 

What advice would you have for a current student trying to follow a similar path?

If you want something, work really hard towards your goal. Build connections. Be humble and keep learning from everyone.

Xi visited former teacher Rosemary Brewster and classmate Irene Schultz ’12 this fall.

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