Student Directors to Present an Evening of One-Act Plays

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This Winter, the New Hampton School theatre department is excited to debut a first-ever production in McEvoy Theatre. On February 22, we invite families, friends and our community to join us for an evening of student-directed one-act plays on Saturday, February 22 at 8pm. The production will premiere on Friday evening for the school community.

New Hampton Winter Play 2020

Setting the Stage

Director of Theatre Joe Sampson says, “Students had been approaching me about the idea of trying their hands at directing and, without a strong feeling regarding what play to bring to the stage myself, I thought this would be a great opportunity for our young thespians. It has been a rewarding process for me and, I hope, them.”

With a little support from Sampson, three student directors selected a one-act show, held auditions, selected a cast, and are in the process of directing their respective pieces. In addition, they have had meetings with our designers, Technical Director Jim Speigel and History teacher Meredith Brown to devise lighting and scenery for their productions.

Sure Thing

Eva Petschek ’20 is directing David Ives’s “Sure Thing”, a short comedy about two people, Bill and Betty, trying to make a connection. Meeting in a small cafe, the character’s interactions reset again and again by the ringing of a bell, helping them proceed forward.

New Hampton Winter Play Rehearsal 2020
Student Directors are directing their peers in a series of one-act productions.


Gillian Bonin ’21 is directing Emily Roderer’s “Scheherazade”. This is a play about two strangers who meet on a ship and start spinning stories to each other about the other passengers. Gillian reflects that directing a show has been a great experience. She’s seeing the performance from a different perspective and she is further developing her organizational and leadership skills.

It’s Cold Outside

Magal Conard ’21 is directing an original script by NHS student Jake Schottenfeld ’20. It is called “It’s Cold Outside” and it tells the story of a meeting between a lost girl and a mysterious stranger.

“I’m so ecstatic about the whole thing,” says Magal, “and I’m very excited to present “It’s Cold Outside” to New Hampton. My friend Jake Schottenfeld and I came up with the concept and idea to write an original piece. He spent hours tirelessly writing and editing the script. Directing actors Sophie Pankhurst and Wyeth Tobey has been a joy. They are amazing to work with. With Mr. Sampson’s directing advice, I’m striving to direct this show the best I can and I’m having a blast.”

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  1. Image for Stephen Caldwell
    Stephen Caldwell

    So glad to see this program doing so well! When I was there in ‘73, student productions were done on the gymnasium stage! That’s all there was at the time. That year I won the coveted Blake Sampson Theatre Award for my production of Waiting for Godot. From these inauspicious beginnings, I went on to Carnegie Mellon University, and a 30+ year career doing B’way, television and feature film in the NYC entertainment community! Congratulations! The sky is the limit! -Stephen Caldwell

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