Spring student-athletes celebrate awards prior to championship tournaments in May 2018.

Spring Athletics Awards: Congratulations to our Student-Athletes

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Though the spring 2018 athletic season isn’t over just yet, we took some time last night to celebrate our spring teams and student-athletes. This year’s teams patiently awaited open fields due to a late spring and seasonal rains. The indoor training proved valuable though as four teams advance to the championship games of the Lakes Region League Tournaments. The Varsity Golf team took home the Lakes Region Championship title on Wednesday this week. The Equestrian Team competes in their final show this weekend.
Congratulations to all of our athletes for a fantastic spring season, and congratulations to the students below that were recognized for their exceptional contributions of leadership, sportsmanship and athleticism.
Photographs from the evening’s festivities are available on Flickr.
[Left to Right] Bridget McCallum, JT Wheelock and Andrea Flores are recognized for their achievements on the Equestrian team.

 New Hampton School Student-Athlete Awards 

Women’s Varsity Softball
Coaches: Ms. Noyes & Ms. Bridgham
Coaches’ Awards – Maddie Willingham and Zola Braswell
Most Improved Player Award – MJ Peters
Fusick Award – Maryellen Leach

Men’s Varsity Baseball
Coaches: Mr. Ladd & Mr. Carey
Coaches’ Award – TBD
Most Valuable Player – TBD
Shaw Trophy Award – Alex Rives
*Remaining awards to be determined after the Lakes Region Tournament.

Equestrian Team
Coach: Ms. Cote
Coach’s Award – JT Wheelock
Most Improved Rider Award – Bridget McCallum
Most Valuable Rider Award – Andrea Flores

[Left to Right]: Chihiro Tokuyama, Sally Wang, Jane Mirmanova, and Katya Egorova receive awards for Women’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Tennis at the Spring Athletics Awards.

Varsity Golf
Coach: Mr. Cramer
Coach’s Award – Lynden Breen
Most Valuable Golfer – Michael Kesselring

Women’s Varsity Lacrosse
Coaches: Ms. Simon, Ms. DiBari & Ms. Knowles
Coaches’ Award – Jessie Hounchell
Most Valuable Player Award – Kylee Bowen
Anna Menke Award – Liv Dunn

Women’s JV Lacrosse
Coaches: Ms. Duncan & Ms. Benzio
Coaches’ Award – Aleesa Borghi
Most Improved Player Award – Evelyn Liu

Men’s Varsity Lacrosse
Coaches: Mr. Simon, Mr. McHugh & Mr. McBournie
Coaches’ Awards – Patrick Kramer, Zak Lanoue, Bradley Shaw
Most Valuable Player Award – Guthrie Little
Babcock Award – Matt Narewski

Men’s JV Lacrosse
Coaches: Mr. Fay & Mr. Pinkham
Coaches’ Awards – Eli Curry and JR Kreuzberg
Most Improved Player Award – Jack Schumacher

Women’s Varsity Tennis
Coach: Ms. Bird
Coach’s Award – Jane Mirmanova
Most Valuable Player Award – Katya Egorova

Women’s JV Tennis
Coaches: Ms. Frame & Ms. Shackett
Coaches’ Award – Chihiro Tokuyama
Most Improved Player Award – Sally Wang

Men’s Varsity Tennis
Coach: Ms. Lima-DeAngelis
Coach’s Award – Jonathan Seymour
Most Improved Player Award – Jake Gallitto and Jake Dunlap

Men’s JV Tennis
Coach: Mr. Brummer
Coach’s Award – Vadim Karchemkin
Most Improved Player Award – Ben Downing

Lakes Region All-Stars

Women’s Varsity Softball
Zola Braswell
Maryellen Leach
Savannah Norcross

Women’s Varsity Tennis
Katya Egorova
Jane Mirmanova

Men’s Varsity Tennis
Jake Dunlap
George Shegog

Women’s Varsity Lacrosse
Kylee Bowen
Jessie Hounchell
Liv Dunn
Ashley Herrick

Men’s Varsity Baseball
Alex Rives
Ian Gobbi
Nick Healey
Jake Procaccianti

Varsity Golf
Lynden Breen
Michael Kesselring
Jess Burwell
Troy Coan

Men’s Varsity Lacrosse
All-American: Matt Narewski
NNELL Offensive Player of the Year: Guthrie Little
Assistant Coach of the Year: Ryan McHugh

Lakes Region All-Stars:
Cory Lyons
Zak Lanoue
Jared Heath
Nick Spaulding

NNELL All-Stars:
Carter Costillo
Jake Dulac
Lars Swensen
Mike Donnelly

Honorable mentions:
Brad Shaw
Liam Copp
Mike Fleury
Hunter Henderson

Named Award Descriptions


This trophy, established by the Shaw family in 1967, honors the three generations who played baseball at New Hampton School: Lewis Shaw, 1897; Paul Shaw, 1937; and Jim Shaw, 1963. Jim, a pitcher on the 1963 team that compiled a 13-1 record, continued his baseball career at Dartmouth College and later returned to New Hampton School to both teach and coach baseball from 1967-69. This award is presented to the player whose outstanding ability, effort, and attitude contribute the most to the success of their team.


The Fusick Award was established in honor of Carey Fusick, the student-athlete who founded softball at New Hampton School. In 1994, with the financial backing of her family and the assistance of some dedicated faculty and peers, Ms. Fusick dug out the bases, erected the backstop, and dressed the players for that inaugural season. That quality of sheer determination and tenacity distinguishes each year’s recipient of the Fusick Award.


The Anna Menke Women’s Lacrosse Award was established to honor the dedication, love, and passion for the game of lacrosse by Anna Menke, class of 2012, who distinguished herself during her New Hampton and collegiate lacrosse careers. Her ability to hold herself and her teammates at the highest standard will be remembered by any Husky that stepped on the field with her. She always put her team first while working to better her own game. The Anna Menke Lacrosse Award recognizes the women’s lacrosse player that exhibits both superior athletic skill and a dedication to the team, all while setting a high standard of sportsmanship, leadership, and work ethic by which the rest of the team must compete.

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