February Happenings: Making the Most of Winter in Husky Nation

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This January rolled in with warmer-than-average temperatures, but winter, with its snowy landscape and chilling air, is suddenly here.  And, with our February long weekend break underway, the days to enjoy this wondrous season are actually almost over. Once Huskies return from break, we have mere weeks to go before Project Week and spring break, so make sure to get the best out of winter and its seasonal fun with these activities and events! Here are just a few highlights of winter at and around New Hampton School.

In the Foothills of the White Mountains

New Hampton School is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, just south of the White Mountains. Known as a beautiful spot for recreation in the spring, summer, and fall, it has unique qualities and offerings during the winter for many sightseeing and sports enthusiasts. Whether competitive athletes or not, all students have ample opportunity to hit the slopes after school or as a weekend activity. And for those not ready to strap a board or two to their feet, how about tubing or snowshoeing? Both offer great views and excitement in February.

Experiencing the Ice Life

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only way to enjoy winter! While some prefer the snow, others seek out the joys of ice. These final days remaining in our frozen wonderland offer recreational activities, including ice skating, pond hockey, and ice-fishing, not to mention hopping on an excursion to see the annual Ice Castles in nearby North Woodstock, New Hampshire. And, of course, if outdoor skating doesn’t inspire Huskies on a cold day, there are always opportunities to skate in our own Jacobson Arena! A few laps around the arena can bring all the winter fun without the weather.

Image of the Ice Castles from the official site.

Sledding for One, Two, or a Crew!

Before leaving New Hampton, almost every student (and faculty!) experiences our exceptional sledding hill. Located beside the Wellness Center between two tiers of athletic fields, you can almost always spot a sledder on a snowy day. Aboard a sled, a little wind, speed, laughter, and views from the top of our favorite hill on campus always lift our spirits!

National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Spirit Week, Chicago, and Winter Carnival

Community life at New Hampton is full of traditions, and mid-February sees a few of these traditions come to life.

First up is the inspirational multi-day National Girls and Women in Sports Day celebration. The events take place over three days and honor the positive influence of athletics participation and the continuing fight for equity in sports at all levels. On Thursday, February 8, our female athletes have the opportunity to learn from alumnae currently learning and playing as a student-athlete at the next level! Then, on Friday, February 9, and Saturday, February 10, be sure to join us for featured games in support of our women’s varsity basketball and hockey teams.

Students in theater production are busy building and finishing the stage for the winter musical.

The winter play this year is a musical! The cast and crew are producing Chicago, with music and lyrics by John Kander and book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse based on the play by Maurine Dallas Watkins. The musical will take place from February 16-18 in McEvoy Theater.

Lastly, with many home games that weekend, it’s also the perfect time to get out and support our fellow Huskies before enjoying all the Winter Carnival events! This year marks the 101st anniversary of Winter Carnival at New Hampton School, and though the schedule of events has changed over the years, the chance to bounce around the Field House, test our choreography skills in pairs figure skating, and enjoy some hot chocolate and treats will be sure to bring lots of smiles.

Project Week Anticipation

Last but not least, while it doesn’t take place until March, the planning and anticipation of Project Week fill our winter months. Students often take the lead on designing projects to explore a topic they are passionate about. As such, students work closely with their faculty leaders to plan each destination, design activities around their essential questions, and make sure they are ready to depart in early March. Whether they are looking forward to bonding with a new group of students, traveling abroad, or engaging with the local community on a vital service project, the whole community eagerly awaits Project Week as the finale of the winter term.

Upon returning from Project Week and spring break, we are always eager for spring to arrive in full. But winter offers memorable moments and traditions for Husky Nation, as does each beautiful season in New England. Stay tuned for highlights of Winter Carnival, winter athletics, and Project Week in the weeks ahead.

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