Expanding Arts and Athletics

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Significant changes to the school’s architecture would once again happen on campus in the ‘90s including Arts, Athletics, Library and Lounge. 

Completed in 1987, the T. Holmes Moore Center represents more than just campus expansion; it is the dynamic center of campus life. Not only does it house a student center, a 400-seat theater, the Galletly [Art] Gallery and studios, photography lab, radio station, and classrooms, but it also serves as a bridge, linking the dining hall to the gymnasium. By design, it encourages interaction among students pursuing a variety of interests. The student lounge bears the name of 1919 graduate Helena Milne who remembered the school in her will. While the radio station no longer exists, it provided the space for the return of ceramics and created room for a new kiln and art supply storage (2017).

The Cottage, as many alumni fondly remember was removed to become the site of the Academic Research Center (ARC). The ARC stood at the pinnacle of an innovative student experience.  There was a need for a library encompassing more than books and although the Gordon-Nash Library continued to thrive as the town library, the school decided to erect a center for the forward-looking student. In 1997, by designs created by architect, trustee and parent, Herman Hassinger, the Academic Research Center was dedicated and became the data center with rows of computers hooked to ethernet cables connecting us to a plethora of information by way of the internet.

Shortly after the opening of the ARC, the school received a generous donation via a grant to round out the architectural improvements with additions to sports and music.

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