Head Reflections: A Season for Appreciation

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The return from vacation and the beginning of the spring season provides natural excitement on campus as our activities shift to being largely outdoors after a New England winter. Like the flowers that bloom and the tree leaves that begin to bud, the New Hampton School campus comes to life in spring in exciting and healthy ways.

A Special Appreciation This Year

Though we always appreciate the arrival of spring, this year it is particularly special as we become re-acquainted with closing of the school year on campus. Most of our students, and many of our faculty and staff, have never known a full spring at New Hampton without the dark cloud of COVID. So, this year we are appreciative of the opportunity to educate the community about our customary events and traditional shared experiences.  It is a time to re-build community routines and culture and to celebrate one another in these remaining weeks, which will culminate with Commencement and then our Bicentennial Celebration during reunion weekend.

What do we appreciate so much about spring in Husky Nation?

A sunny game day when fans and parents come together along the sidelines or at the courts, cheering on our athletes and enjoying the weather.

The celebratory ring of the school bell echoing throughout campus, signaling the culmination of the college search process for our seniors.

International Night, which celebrates members of our global community as they go behind kitchen lines to prepare their favorite dishes from their home countries. After a shared meal, national poems, music, and dances are performed by students in McEvoy Theater.

The joy of Arts Day: taking a respite from a traditional class day to participate in student, faculty, and outside artist-led seminars and workshops, each focused on a unique art or performance technique.

The spring musical is always a great time and often brings the fun of witnessing a “new to the stage” senior actor who wants one more new experience before they graduate.

The always emotional Four-Year Student Luncheon where each senior shares reflection and gratitude for their advisors, faculty members, or classmates.

An informal game of tennis on the Bicknell Courts after dinner or a lazy Sunday afternoon playing volleyball and swimming in the Upper Pond.

A Short Time To Cherish

Each student and faculty member would add numerous other things they enjoy about spring, which would undoubtedly include togetherness and the bittersweet celebrations that honor our departing seniors. The list would also contain appreciation, for good friends that have made their experience at New Hampton more enjoyable and for the adults that have pushed, guided, and supported their journeys.

Another chapter for New Hampton School is almost complete, and the good news is that the story always continues, with new cast members added, new journeys to unfold, new partnerships created, and new memories that will last a lifetime.

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