long beach in Maine with calm water, blue sky with wispy clouds

Head Reflections: The Beach is Calling

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My April blog is inspired by the New Hampton School community’s honoring of National Poetry Month. This effort came with a healthy dose of fear as I was out of my comfort zone writing this poem, which speaks a bit about summer rituals on the coast of Maine that are meaningful for my wife Eileen and me.

Hoping your summer rituals provide an equal level of enjoyment.

Head of School Joe Williams wearing jeans and thin green puffy jacket with his black lab and english bulldog on the beach

The Beach is Calling

Spring emerges in New England and the beach calls
Thoughts of peaceful walks, relaxation, games, and laughter fill my head
Cool sand, warm sun, and refreshing water
It is time to recharge

Morning walks at low tide with a friendly dog free to romp
The rhythmic crash of the waves is my favorite orchestra
Surfers patient and balanced awaiting their dance with the water
Sand dollar seekers slow and methodical on the waterline while
Beach fitness class makes me feel moderately guilty

Back at mid-day with the sun high and hot
Family fun and joyful gatherings abound
The book I brought never gets cracked
Unplanned naps causing limbs to sleep and skin to burn
Into the chilly water to bob and wonder
Body surfing for young and old

An evening stroll as another sun sets
Peaceful with my bride, peaceful with my bride

The beach soothes me
Disconnected, but deeply connected with the ones I love
Fond memories created

by Joe Williams P’22
Head of School

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  1. Image for Tom Diehl
    Tom Diehl

    Nice, Joe. No other Head of School tried poetry during my years there. (Beady strummed a bit.) Be well, Tom Diehl

  2. Image for Fernando Pulin
    Fernando Pulin

    Dear Joe, Very nice poem drawing and smile on my face thinking in summer and family. Thank you. Best, Fernando Pulin

  3. Image for Richard Connor
    Richard Connor

    Hi- Friends of mine from Fort Worth, TX visited your school last week. Their son will be applying even though as a Tilton graduate and former trustee I have warned them of the evils of New Hampton. They were quite impressed with New Hampton. All my children have attended boarding schools so I am offering advice to one of the parents. I decided to see if I could learn about the head. Checked out the blog. Love the poem. I am from Maine, spend a lot of time there, and I'm a writer. Impressive seeing a poem from the head of school.

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