Students of the Month are honored in several categories at New Hampton School.

Celebrating Our Students; Awards of the Month

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Each month, New Hampton School celebrates student contributions in different areas of student life, acknowledging and highlighting our varied strengths. Awards for our students of the month cover a range of recognitions in the arts, writing, community life, academics and athletics. Congratulations to the following students for their recent recognitions and achievement at New Hampton School.

September Student of the Month – Delaney Smith

The Habit of Mind for September was Preparation and Self Management: The student arrives on time and is prepared with the needed materials. The student turns in homework 100% of the time. The student shows up on time and in appropriate dress. They are an appropriate participant in class. They think before acting. They ask questions and advocate for their needs. The student attends office hours when needed. They plan ahead and manage their absences from class. The student self-regulates their use of technology.

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Delaney Smith. Ms. Shackett commented, “Delaney has never missed an assignment. She is always on task in class, she avoids distractions, and only uses technology when appropriate. She isn’t afraid to speak up when she needs help or clarification.” Delaney manages her time extraordinarily, balancing her academics and athletics. Delaney’s work ethic and drive for perfection is reflected in her written work and her demeanor in classes. She seeks out help to ask for clarification, evidence of her commitment to her academics but also her self-awareness and self-advocacy.

October Student of the Month – Hannah Hibbert

The Habit of Mind for October is Collaborator: The student listens with understanding and empathy. They respect and are open to considering others’ input and perspective. They show initiative to work productively with other students.

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Hannah Hibbert for her ability to carefully consider what her classmates say and then build off of what others have added. She respects the variety of cultures represented and wants to learn more about those who have a different background to her. Hannah will happily work with anyone and will direct the group to ensure a complete understanding is achieved. She genuinely wants to know her classmates and who they are. She actively looks to work with different people and always brings the group up. Her positivity yet realistic nature makes her classmates respect her and want to work with her. Hannah is a genuine team player in every sense of the word.

Artist of the Month – Juliette Pegula

The September Artist of the Month goes to a young lady that is new to New Hampton this school year. Juliette Pegula has been a wonderful addition to our campus and our music program. She has a fantastic singing voice, significant skills on the piano, excellent musicianship, and a great attitude. Juliette has already had three successful performances: at school meeting, Grandparents Day, and Revisit Day. Or four, if you count the rendition of Happy Birthday she helped create for Mr. Masterson’s 40th birthday.

Juliette is always looking for a chance to perform and even attended an open mic at our local library. She is a wonderful song writer and you will have the opportunity to hear her original music in the very near future. She is dedicated to her craft and has an amazing work ethic. She appends a significant amount of a time, every day, polishing her music and honing her skills. The September Artist of the Month goes to Juliette Pegula.

Writer of the Month – Emily White

The writer of the month best captures the skill, spirit, and creativity required to excel in the subject. This month’s writer has quietly churned out a series of very strong personal narratives in Mr. Whitmore’s Creative Writing class. The author wrote eloquently about her favorite memory, used song lyrics to bring a character to life on the page, and personified the struggles of being a paintbrush.

In the piece “We Stayed Up All Night”, the author masterfully utilized concrete sensory details, a clearly established mood, and the bittersweet memory of the past to use her favorite song as a vehicle to inform the reader about her journey here at New Hampton. The piece follows a clear narrative arc before descending into a dreamlike state as the reader is left with stylistic spacing and song lyrics to carry them off. The September Writer of the Month Award goes to Emily White.

Athletes of the Month – Kathryn Donnelly and Marcus Peterson

The September Female Athlete of the Month is Kathryn Donnelly a member of the Women’s Varsity Field Hockey Team. Kathryn is a consistently positive, supportive, vocal and team-focused individual. She is taking on a huge role this year as our starting goalie and thriving. Her attitude and willingness to ask questions has made everyone around her better and has made the start of the season a great one. We truly appreciate Kathryn’s work in the goal and her coachability on and off the field. For her positive leadership and attitude, the September Female Athlete of the Month goes to Kathryn Donnelly.

The September Male Athlete of the Month is Marcus Peterson a member of the Varsity Football Team. The football team is excited to have Marcus back with them this Fall. He has brought great energy and a high level of competitiveness to the practice and game field. His play-making ability on both sides of the ball has shown in the early part of the season, including multiple acrobatic catches against Albany and Canterbury, two of which going for touchdowns.

Marcus owns the top play of our season thus far with an amazing diving catch against Dexter. He is one of the most feared athletes in the league. Due to his injury in the Canterbury game, we hope Marcus can comeback soon, but until then he will need to continue to lead the Huskies from the sidelines. For his attitude and athletic ability in the month of September, the September Athlete of the Month goes to Marcus Peterson.

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