The Spring Rush: Energy, Expectations, and Events

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Spring arrives in a rush. The official start of the season is only days away, and when students return from spring break, typically much has changed. The sun will set much later, the weather melts the lingering snow and ice, the trees begin to bud, and the campus community becomes more energized. To be sure—this is the year’s end. April and May are buzzing with events, classes, games, and celebrations, and to many, they seem to fly by faster than any other time of year. So get excited, because this is how we go out!

A Fresh Feeling

The campus culture in the spring is warming, friendly, and at times more frenetic. While some may be looking ahead to summer, many of our graduates want to slow down and savor their last days together.
What can you expect after the break? For one: warmer days. However, don’t be surprised if there are still flurries and rainstorms. You’ll want a variety of cool and warm weather clothes and footwear to get you through the final days of the semester. And don’t forget the sunscreen! Once we are all back together at the end of March, the sun will set after 7:00 pm; by the time we depart in May, it will be after 8:00 pm. This means ample time to soak up the rays. Make the most of your days by prioritizing time management to help balance your classes and curricular commitments.

Shining a Light on Community Events

Numerous events including Commencement are on the horizon, but there are many steps in between. Here are a few favorites to mark on your calendars.
* International Night – April 18

This beloved tradition has changed up its look over the years, but one thing is a constant: it’s a way to celebrate our multi-nation community. In the past, this has been shared through music, dance, and especially food. We’re always excited to hear about the announcement and slate of events to honor this day!



* Arts Day & the Spring Play – May 12 & 13

Arts Day, simply put, is a joy. Masterminded by Director of Visual and Performing Arts Amy Wilson, we take a day off from regular classes and everyone engages in a full day of the arts. Students sign up for workshops in a wide range of performing and visual art mediums, enjoy a fantastic lunch with live music, and so much more. This is also the day when the art department presents its annual art awards. The day ends with a performance of the spring play for the school community—this year’s show is the lightning-fast comedy The Complete History of America (Abridged). We can hear the laughter now!



* Springfest – May 20 & 21

Springfest is held the week before graduation. Not only is it a great stress reliever, but it’s also a perfect time to have some fun with your classmates and enjoy time outside. Past activities have included glow dances, music concerts, talent shows, waterslides, volleyball, lawn games, and others. Stay tuned for this year’s schedule!



Ready for Spring?

There is so much to look forward to in April and May. Soon, you’ll be craving the game day warm-up music that echoes out from Kennedy Field across all of campus, not to mention the afternoons spent watching the softball and baseball games under the sun, courtside seating for tennis matches, and enjoying lunch at the picnic tables. Perhaps your house will even have a barbecue night—just for you and your housemates. And every once in a while, you’ll hear the clang of the old bell ring as a senior marks their commitment for next year.

Spring is ready—are you? See you back in New Hampton in a few weeks!

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