You Know You’re a Husky When…

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We see it happen every year. After a few days or weeks, new students learn more and more about what makes student life so fun on campus. They hear rumors about Foliage Day, exciting conversations about costumes, and all of the club and activity choices seem to reveal themselves at once. Here are a few signs that you’ve become a Husky at New Hampton School!

1. When the leaves start to change, you check social media hourly waiting for the Foliage Day announcement!

For you, and most Huskies, Foliage Day is one of your favorite days of the year. Following the group hike with the entire community up Burleigh Mountain, you love to relax, play lawn games, and picnic outside with all of your friends. Though you’re always wondering when this event will take place, as a seasoned Husky, you know to check social media for a surprise announcement from Head of School Joe Williams.


2. When packing for school, you have a whole suitcase dedicated to costumes you will need throughout the year.

Huskies always seem to have an excuse to don a costume or two throughout the year. In addition to the inevitable Halloween festivities, you come prepared for all 5 days of spirit week which can definitely take up some luggage space. And, as if that’s not enough, you have squeezed in some options for our Dorm Clean tradition. You know that you are prepared to coordinate with your housemates and show your best to the Dorm Clean judges!

3. You have Kahoot saved to your phone and iPad just in case there’s a pop quiz.

As an Apple Distinguished School, we never shy away from an opportunity to utilize technology in the classroom or around campus. Though you originally downloaded the social quizzing app Kahoot as part of the classroom curriculum for taking fun daily quizzes, you get excited when the Student Life Office embraces this app to create a little friendly competition during school meetings.

4. You play 2 sports, act in school plays, and volunteer as a Husky Tour Guide…and you love every second of it!

With 17 interscholastic sports, 30 school clubs, and enough annual performances to fill in the gaps, you are never short on something to keep you busy. You relish in the opportunity to find like-minded kids who are interested in pursuing multiple co-curricular endeavors to fill up every minute of your day.

5. You know all the faculty kids by name.

Whether you are a day student or live on campus, you know that our faculty are just a door’s knock away. With 90% of teachers residing on campus, the New Hampton community is as tight as they come, and it is only a matter of time before their kids become a part of your campus life as well. You get excited to see them bare handing mashed potatoes into their mouths and might even help them sneak a brownie off of the dessert counter.

6. You come to school prepared with your favorite recipe from home and maybe a performance idea or two for International Night.

Both international and domestic students alike look forward to all of the festivities on International Night. It is a great chance to sample dishes from your peers around the world, as well as share your heritage with the community. So, when it comes to being prepared with ingredients for your favorite dish or packing your native dress, Huskies know to plan ahead!

7. Every time you hear a bell ring, you assume someone got a college acceptance.

At the very heart of our campus stands a bell, dating back to the opening of New Hampton in 1821. As the school year progresses, the sound of this bell becomes more and more frequent as our college-bound students ring it to announce their acceptance. You may hear it so much, that come summer when you return home, you could find yourself mistaking all bells for an acceptance celebration.

8. You look forward to a free block so you can study in the Country Store.

There is no better place to catch up on some homework or chat with friends than the newly remodeled Country Store. Something about Tamara’s homemade goodies, a fresh breakfast sandwich paired with a cup of joe, dumplings, and parfaits makes this cozy spot the ideal place to relax or recharge.

9. You’ve seen the Keg up close and personal.

Though it spends most of the year in a glass case, as a true Husky you have seen it on the sidelines for the annual Powder Keg games or touched it after a victory. As Powder Keg champions for 8 consecutive years, the stakes are high and whether you are playing on the fields or cheering on from the stands, you and your pack of Huskies know how important it is to “Keep the Keg”.

10. You appreciate all of New Hampton’s opportunities for experiential learning.

When selecting your top choice destinations for Project Week, you can’t wait to think about digging into new skills for that one week in March. Be it scuba-diving, sailing, ceramics, surfing or blacksmithing, you know you’ll get to experience something new.

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