Academic Awards 2021: Celebrating Our Bicentennial Class, Underclassmen, and Faculty

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While the school community continues preparations for Commencement, we took time Thursday evening to honor achievements in academics, athletics, leadership, and teaching. Continuing with the combining of our Senior Awards and Underclass Awards as the School did in 2020, this year’s Academic Awards Ceremony aimed to celebrate all classes as a full community. While it was hosted virtually to help maintain the health of the community in advance of an in-person Senior Week and Commencement, the full strength of the school could be felt throughout the ceremony.

Thank you to our presenters for the Academic Awards ceremony including senior class co-presidents Gabe Tyson ’21 (far left) and Sage Patel ’21 (far right), and student body co-presidents Emma Robertson ’21 (near left) and Cam Devlin ’21 (near right) pictured with Head of School Joe Williams (center).

Celebrating achievement and perseverance

The Academic Awards Ceremony celebrates more than academic achievement. It honors students who have made impactful contributions in academics, athletics, arts, teaching, and service. Underclass students will be looked to next year to step up as leaders for the school, offering their talents and experience to embrace and exhibit the values of New Hampton School. They will also be relied upon to support school spirit and mentor new students. Our seniors and post-graduates move forward toward Commencement next week, one step closer to their goals and to becoming alumni of New Hampton School.

After a brief introduction from Head of School Joe Williams, Senior Class President Sage Patel ’21 welcomed all community members to the event. Speaking from a place of gratitude, Sage reflected on the journey we have been fortunate to have this year, and for the sacrifices made by many to achieve.

We have all accomplished so much this year given the perseverance we’ve all had to contribute. This is no small task and is something we all should be extremely proud of. I know I speak for many when I say that the learning opportunities, I’ve had the privilege to experience at New Hampton will be ones I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life since they have been so meaningful. So, thank you to all our faculty and staff who have sacrificed so much to help us learn this year and congratulations to everyone in advancenot only to those who will win awards this evening, but to everyone as we are closing our school year!”

The program followed with recognition of IB Diploma Candidates, service awards, academic awards, art awards, proctor appointments, International Student Ambassadors, Junior International Ambassadors, and House Citizens of the Year awards. At the tail end of Teacher Appreciation Week, it also felt fitting to offer faculty recognition, notably with traditional awards as voted on by students.

The Academic Awards marks a celebration for our graduating class—as shown above at their 100 Days Dinner—for underclassmen, and for faculty members.

Closing words

Gabe Tyson ’21, Senior Class Co-President, had the honor of closing the ceremony with a salute to the honorees and celebrants. Acknowledging the good fortune to have had so many months of in-person classes compared to schools throughout not only the region, but also the country and globally.

Imagine these past two weeks online, except doing that for the entire school year knowing that everyone else is experiencing class at school in a classroom. Although this year did not end how we hoped it would, I am beyond grateful that nearly all of us were able to spend the majority of this school year on campus. These recent weeks online have given me time to reflect on what this school means to me and how much I enjoy being in this community when everybody is here.” Echoing the sentiments of so many students and community members, he also acknowledged the faculty for rising above obstacles and “providing every student the best possible learning experience attainable.” 

Thank you to all of those who were able to attend the event virtually, including our remote students, several of whom have spent the year away from campus and maintained a consistent commitment to their academics. We look forward to celebrating your return to New Hampton School this fall.

Congratulations to the following students recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions at New Hampton School.

IB Diploma Candidate Recognition

The following members of the Class of 2022 completed their first year as IB Diploma Candidates:

Zachary Bach
Ke Chen
Sophia Hausberger
Lakelyn Keverline
Haozhan Lu
Mucheng Ma
Linda Mukundwa
Nga Nguyen
Arabella Riedel
Hadley Rossignol
Joanne Tattersall
Charlie Truesdale
Olivia Tuffy
Liyue Wang 

Proctor Appointments for 2021-2022:

Kareena Alam
Alexander Boriss
Maclain Boyd
Avery Callison
Casey Chesner
Averi Curran
Joseph DuBrul
Ava Gosnell
Jack Hamill
Maggie Hamill
Sophia Hausberger
Isabelle Healey
Kyle Hicks
Lakelyn Keverline
Charles Leach
James McCool
Ava Millerick
Jaewon Oh
Joao “Juju” Ramirez
Hadley Rossignol
Roni Senusoglu
Joanne Tattersall

International Student Ambassadors

Senior International Ambassadors
Haozhan “Harry” Lu
Mucheng “Max” Ma
Linda Mukundwa
Cat “Vu” Nguyen
Nga Nguyen
Liyue “Cece” Wang

Junior International Ambassadors
Herdegan Duenbostel
Lingyi “Kristy” Kong
Roni Senusoglu
Alden Truesdale
Xingyu “Amanda” Wei
Hanyin “Coco” Zhang

Student Body Co-Presidents

Joanne Tattersall
Charlie Truesdale

Presidential Service Award

Joseph DuBrul
Autumn James
Piramon Kumnurdmanee
Fred Lybrand
Sydney Marcus

House Citizens of the Year

Dominkyas Petkus – Phillips House
Isabelle Healey – Rice House
Charles Leach – Small House
Khalil Harden – Veazey House
Nicholas Townsend – Caswell House
Averi Curran – Lindsay House
Callie McLaughlin – O’Connor House
Jensen Daly – Lewis House
Jacob Connors – Draper House
Maggie Hammill – Moore House
Benjamin Albro – Galletly House

Athletic Awards

Joe Plaia Outstanding Male Athlete
Camden Devlin

Joe Plaia Outstanding Female Athlete
Samantha Rivet

Golden-Tilton Post-Graduate Award
Benjamin Luscko

Skip Howard Male Scholar-Athlete
Alex Karaban

Skip Howard Female Scholar-Athlete
Joanne Tattersall

Cum Laude Society

Current Members:

Gillian Bonin
Xinran “Cathy” Li
Takamitsu Suzuki
Emma Yao


Jared Hausman
Lily McAdams
Leon Schuette

Teaching Awards

The Ralph S. O’Connor Excellence in Teaching Prize
Rosemary Brewster

The O’Hara Family Excellence in Teaching Prize
Cody Heartz

Academic Awards

Class of 2021 Awards

Visual Arts Award
Mingwei “Aaron” Liu

Performing Arts Award
Evan Britton

English Department Award
Gillian Bonin

History Department Award
Andrew Sayles

Mathematics Department Award
Takamitsu Suzuki

Science Department Award
Takamitsu Suzuki

World Language Department Award
Liliann McAdams

Underclass Awards

The Scientific Inquiry Award
Alexander Boriss

Scientific Achievement Award
Mucheng “Max” Ma

Nathaniel Clifford Award for the Emerging Writer in History Award
Haozhan Lu

Walter Peterson Award for the Emerging Contributor in History Award
Alexander Boriss

Spanish Young Language Award
Sophia Hausberger

French Young Language Award
Isabelle Healey

Mathematical Communication Award
Mucheng “Max” Ma

Mathematics Potential Award
Jaewon Oh

Visual Arts Award
Haozhan Lu

Music Award
Sophie Pankhurst

Theatre Award
Gus Kusch

The Writing Prize
Talia Shirley

The Literature Prize
Alden Truesdale

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