New Hampton School Announces Apple Distinguished School Recertification for 2022-2025

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Hanging high on a wall of the Pilalas Center for Math and Science is a simple banner with a story to tell—the Apple Distinguished School banner. While this may seem a mere decoration to those passing quickly through the halls, it denotes a commitment to innovation and technology that has become ingrained in our community. This fall, New Hampton School is pleased to announce our recognition and recertification as an Apple Distinguished School, which marks the start of our 11th year in the program. 

Beginning in 2010, New Hampton entered a comprehensive pilot program and technology integration training for teachers, eventually leading to our 1:1 iPad program. Since 2012, New Hampton has maintained its certification, which is renewed every three years. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet innovation, leadership, and educational excellence criteria and demonstrate Apple’s vision of exemplary learning environments. 

“The continued exploration into Apple technology benefits our students and faculty in myriad ways. It creates a stimulating and collaborative learning environment, a common language for all, and an exceptional technology-forward basis for academic explorations,” says Head of School Joe Williams. “Our faculty and school are honored with this recognition not only because of the technology standards our community embraces but also because it celebrates the integrative work of our teaching faculty and what they can accomplish as educators and innovators in their fields.” The ongoing recognition of New Hampton School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights the school’s successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with thoughtful and innovative implementations of technology.  


In The Classroom

Our teachers are technologically savvy as they incorporate dynamic, interactive assessments and activities into each class. New Hampton brings in specialists to train our educators, providing them with all of the tools necessary to utilize technology in the classroom. Students are also provided with training sessions on how to best utilize iPad during Freshmen Seminar. With the cost of an iPad included in tuition, each New Hampton student has the resources necessary to stay organized, learn, and succeed.    

The technologies themselves are integrated in a way that is both supportive and seamless. Daily classroom experiences, indoors or outside, the versatility of iPad empowers students to have the right tool at their fingertips, whether they want to take notes, sketch a plan for a design class, digitally mark up their textbooks, practice language skills, and more. And every faculty member is equipped with an iPad to allow them to move throughout the classroom, assess student comprehension as the class progresses, and aid in collaboration in and out of class.  

Apple states that they believe Apple Distinguished Schools are some of the most innovative schools in the world. “They’re centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate our vision of exemplary learning environments. They use Apple products to inspire student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Leadership in our recognized schools cultivate environments in which students are excited about learning, curiosity is fostered, and learning is a personal experience.” Their mission closely aligns with New Hampton School’s mission in this way—sparking curiosity, teaching students how to think critically, and personalized learning are all part of our ongoing goal of creating lifelong learners. 


About the Certification

New Hampton School is the only Apple Distinguished School in New Hampshire and only 1 of 3 in New England. Schools must go through an initial screening application followed by an invitation from Apple to formally apply for the program, with requirements including a 1:1 Mac or iPad program for both students and faculty, innovative use of the Apple platform, and deep integration of educational apps and Apple apps (such as Photos, iMovie, Pages, and Keynote), as well as at least 75% of teachers within the school recognized as Apple Teachers. Documented results through “school-based research practices that measure year-to-year improvement and program sustainability” are also required. More information on Apple Distinguished Schools and the program may be read online.

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