Leading Forward: New Diplomas with Distinction Offerings at New Hampton School

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As we gear up for the 2024-2025 academic year, New Hampton School is thrilled to announce two exciting diplomas with distinction in the Arts and Entrepreneurial Studies. These specialized programs offer students unique opportunities to show their commitment in these two fields. Immersion in the arts or entrepreneurial field is perfect for those students seeking inspired and guided structure in pursuit of their goals.

All About the Arts

Are you passionate about the arts? Do you dream of pursuing a career in a creative field? Whether you are drawn to visual or performing arts, a diploma with distinction in the arts might be the perfect fit. Those enrolled in this program will benefit from rigorous coursework and myriad opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The program allows you to dive deep into a comprehensive selection of arts classes and co-curriculars, to hone your skills to the highest level. If you’re an aspiring painter, musician, actor, or animator, this diploma will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global society. The program’s requirements include course credits, leadership roles, award submissions, and formative critiques. It will conclude with a capstone portfolio project that will serve those seeking to explore the arts in higher education. You are supported and mentored while working toward your goals and will receive focused feedback from industry professionals.

Our Art Department Director Amy Wilson summarizes it best: “The benefits of a robust arts education are innumerable. The arts help students develop self-discipline, reinforce self-esteem, and foster thinking skills, flexibility, and creativity—all qualities highly valued in the workplace. Moreover, the arts provide students with the skills necessary to enrich the lives of others.”

A Mindset for Any Career Path

A diploma with distinction in Entrepreneurial Studies challenges born innovators and problem solvers and cultivates the entrepreneurial mindset—a set of skills essential for career success and academic excellence.

The Entrepreneurial Studies program is not just about theory—it’s about real-world application. It’s about instilling the courage to seize opportunities, the resilience to navigate challenges, and the adaptability to thrive in diverse environments. By fostering a mindset rooted in innovation and creativity, this program equips you not only to launch into entrepreneurial endeavors but also to explore any field you choose to pursue. Through a combination of coursework, real-world experience, entrepreneurship challenges, and reflections, you’ll develop the mindset and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact on your chosen path.

The Entrepreneurial Studies program aligns your education with your self-identified interests, and a diploma with distinction in this field formalizes and acknowledges the commitment to differentiate yourself in the college process.

Jumpstart Your Future

New Hampton School seeks to provide today’s students with the options they need to set themselves apart and jumpstart their futures. Both the diploma with distinction in the Arts and Entrepreneurial Studies require students to work outside of the classroom, including independent study and experiential learning. These additional requirements enrich the student experience and provide valuable opportunities for personal and professional development, which are highly regarded in the college acceptance process. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a budding entrepreneur, we invite you to explore these exciting new opportunities and embark on an academic and personal growth journey.

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