Winter Adventure in New Hampshire tries out the zip line at Gunstock Mountain.

Project Week 2018: Dispatches Near and Far

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As students dive deeper into exploring their Project Week essential question, we continue to receive dispatches near and far about each group’s adventure and discovery.

Exploring Mayan Caves in Belize.
Exploring Mayan Caves in Belize.

Belize Eco-Immersion; Marine Ecology to Mayan Worldview

We haven’t received a lot of photos, but it appears as though the Belize trip is having a fantastic time. They shared this photo above just before they departed to explore ancient Mayan caves in Belize. Out of respect for Mayan culture and history, they couldn’t share any photos from inside the caves, but they reported that it was an incredible experience.

Student tour Flatbread in Portsmouth to learn about commercial brick oven cooking.
Students tour Flatbread in Portsmouth to learn about commercial brick oven cooking.

Build Your Own Brick Oven

These students are doing a lot of research about brick oven pizza. Their culminating project will be to build and install a brick oven for making pizza on the New Hampton School campus, but they are also touring and learning about several brick oven operations in New Hampshire. They visited with former Director of Dining Services Neal Shartar to learn about his brick oven at his home. They also visited an industrial kitchen at Flatbread in Portsmouth, NH to understand the similarities and differences associated with scale and production.

Teaching lacrosse, health, and life skills in Nicaragua.
Teaching lacrosse, health, and life skills in Nicaragua.

Lacrosse the Nations

Lacrosse the Nations in Nicaragua uses the sport of lacrosse as a platform for teaching life-skills and health to children. Students spend time in two different rural communities participating in their school programs and community service activities. While many of the students who travel are part of the New Hampton lacrosse program, there are also students unfamiliar with the sport, eager to immerse themselves in a different culture and work with young children. We captured Coach Simon’s tweet above after day two of their trip.

Animal Rescue includes cuddling with these sweet pups.
Animal Rescue includes cuddling with these sweet pups.

The Business of Advocacy and Animal Rescue

The Animal Rescue team has partnered with several different local organizations, Sweet Paws Rescue and the New Hampshire Humane Society, to learn about the business of animal rescue and advocacy for animal rights. In between taking care of the shelters and learning the business, students are taking time to snuggle with these adorable animals.

Lifeguarding Skills in Concord
Students are learning to be lifeguards and will complete the week by taking their lifeguarding certification test.

Learning to be a Lifeguard

Learning to be a lifeguard is in it’s third year as a project. New Hampton School has partnered with the Swim NH to lead students through a lifeguarding course. At the end of the week, students will complete their lifeguarding certification. Not only are these students learning valuable skills, but many of them go on to find employment as lifeguards in the summer. In the photo above, students are learning about water search and rescue.

Students learn to build debris shelters in the woods near campus.
Students learn to build debris shelters in the woods near campus.

Surviving the Apocalypse

Each year, a groups of students participates in Surviving the Apocalypse. Regardless of the weather, students learn how to survive on their own in the New England wilderness. Skills acquired during their trip include making fire from sticks, building shelters in the woods, and learning about edible plants. Some of the students in this year’s group have requested to test out their shelters overnight later this week!

Keep following our adventures. Make sure to check out photos on Flickr, follow our #nhsprojectweek hashtag on social media, and read the blog.

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