Set Yourself Up for Success; Distance Learning Tips and Tricks

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As we prepare to embark on a very unique spring semester, we begin to establish new habits that will create the framework for our success. Moving into a Distance Learning model, a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, is new in many ways to both faculty and students. And while this may not be the new normal, it is certainly the new now. Here are a few tips from our team on how to keep smiling and stay focused through distance learning.

1. Start Each Day Fresh

When you know you won’t be meeting up with your best friends at lunch or running out for a coffee date before IB History, it may be tempting to skip the morning shower or roll out of bed to turn on your iPad. But, don’t let these days slip by in your pajamas. Get up, take a shower, get dressed, and keep up with your typical school-day routine. You have to feel on top of your game to be on top of your game!

Distance learning success begins with a strong and consistent routine.

2. Establish a Designated Place to Learn

When selecting a place in your home to get your work done, try to designate an area that is comfortable but has you in an upright seated position. Avoid places with a lot of distractions like televisions and try to keep the area clean and organized. If possible, create an area that can stay set up throughout this distance learning period so you aren’t having to pack up all of your work when it is time for meals.

3. Know Your Resources

It is important to familiarize yourself with the developing resources that the school will be providing throughout the week. Know when your teachers offer office hours, how to contact an advisor or other trusted adult, as well as any other online tools that will help make the distance learning process easier and more effective

4. Take Frequent Breaks

Break up the day with frequent breaks that give your mind a much-needed rest. Engage in something that gets your heart pumping like taking a walk outside or doing pushups, or try something that makes your heart smile like playing an instrument you love or having a dance party to your favorite song.

5. Create a Consistent Routine

Don’t stay up late playing video games because you don’t have to be in class tomorrow. Now is not the time to let your health slip through the cracks. Stay hydrated, maintain regular sleep patterns, carve out time to exercise, and continue eating at normal mealtimes despite the fact that there may be a refrigerator in your new classroom.

6. Build a Strong Support System

Across the globe, communities are coming together in ways that we never imagined. This proves how much people need connections to one another in order to maintain a healthy heart and mind. Organize a themed group chat with your classmates once a week or plan to walk or bike ride with a neighbor (while maintaining social distance, of course!)

7. Be Kind to Yourself

Throughout all of this, it is important to remember that this is new for everyone. Be kind to yourself and each other through mistakes and new experiences as we work together. Manage your expectations for what is possible as the world takes a pause. Take advantage of the positives that this crisis has given us—time for ourselves and our family. And remember that Husky Nation is only a call away.

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