Project Week Southern Spain Cultural Fusion

Project Week 2019: Dispatches from Day 2

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Students report on day 2 of Project Week from various locations in the field, in New Hampshire, the US, and overseas.

Cultural Fusion in Southern Spain

Students have arrived safely in Southern Spain and are diving right into exploring cultural and religious collision and integration. In particular, during their stay, students will consider the Arabic influences in Southern Spain through exploration of architecture, religious centers, food and culture.

New Hampton Project Week Metal Works
Students learn blacksmithing techniques at Metal Works in Auburn Maine.

Metal Works

You don’t have too travel far to experience something new. Students in Maine are learning the art of Blacksmithing through Metal Works in Maine. Much will be learned in this privately taught, beginners blacksmithing course.

New Hampton Project Week Conscious Living Yoga
New Hampton Project Week students in California are learning how to live consciously, incorporating mind, body and spirit into their daily life.

Project Week Dispatches; Conscious Living

What does it mean to live consciously, regularly attending to the needs of your mind, body and spirit through food, fitness and your community? Conscious Living Project Week students have begun digging into this question in the San Francisco, California area. Part of their discovery process includes karma yoga at the Marin County Food Bank.

Florida Habitat Project Week
Habitat for Humanity students in Key Largo are learning basic building skills as they help rebuild homes destroyed by recent natural disasters.

Habitat for Humanity; Key Largo

What does it take to rebuild a community after a catastrophic event? In Key Largo, Florida, New Hampton Students are partnering with a Habitat for Humanity program and learning about service, rebuilding, construction and all of the factors involved in recovering from a natural disaster.

Project Week Sydney ballet slipper JL
After meeting with local resident artists, New Hampton students returned to our studio to work on their own sculptural projects.

Ceramics; Expressive Sculpture

How do we use clay to create expressive sculptural works? A group of students is exploring this artistic medium, as well as the tools and techniques to manipulate clay. After visiting with some local practicing artists to begin their project, students are working on pieces of their own.

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