Island School New Hampton Project Week

Project Week Day 4: Learning in the Field

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Learning in the Field: The Island School; Eleuthera, The Bahamas

On the Island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, students are learning about what it means to live well in a place and how humans can and should interact with the environment around them. They’ve been on snorkeling expeditions, exploring the island, and understanding sustainable design at The Island School.

New Hampton Project Week at Island School
Students take the boat out for a snorkeling expedition at The Island School in The Bahamas.


New Hampton Conscious Living Camping
Conscious Living in California fully embraces the experience with a night of camping in the field along the coast.

Conscious Living; San Francisco, California

Conscious Living in California visited a farm to understand how we can live independently in partnership with animals. They also did some camping along the coast to realize how we can live simply, and gain resilience from the outdoors!

New Hampton Project Week Off the Grid
Off the grid living at a New Hampshire location includes an early start to the growing season through a green house.

Living Off the Grid; Greenhouses

Students exploring what it means to live “off the grid” helped uncover a snowed in greenhouse so that the plants within could benefit from warmth and sunlight.

New Hampton Project Week Lobstering
Out in the field, Experiencing the Waterways Around Us, went out on a lobster boat to truly understand the work.

Exploring the Waters Around Us; Lobstering

Along the New England coast, students exploring our waterways embarked on a day of lobstering. They boarded a lobster boat owned by alumni parent, Kenny Weeks, and helped him check his traps along the chilly New Hampshire coast.

New Hampton Habitat in Key Largo
Students completed work on their Habitat House in Key Largo, Florida.

Habitat for Humanity; Key Largo, Florida

Student completed work on their first home in Key Largo, Florida. They’re pictured here with the family whose house they helped rebuild. They visited the southern-most tip of Florida for a break following their hard work on the build project.

New Hampton Florida Scuba
Our Scuba group had their first open water dive.

Learning in the Field: Open Water Diving

Also in Florida, New Hampton School students had a full dive experience. Scuba diving in the open water after reviewing all of their recently gained skills.


New Hampton Morocco Camels
Learning about Moroccan culture included a camel ride for New Hampton students.

Morocco; The Gateway to Africa

Adventures in Morocco continue with a tour along the shoreline via Camel, as well as food exploration and lessons about culture and history.

Six Nation Reserve New Hampton Project Week
Students are collaborating at Six Nation Reserve, learning about the role of teacher, mentor and friend for students at their elementary school.

Six Nations Reserve; Mentors, Teachers and Friends

At Six Nations Reserve in Canada, students are thoroughly enjoying their time spent with young children, building relationships, learning about the community and serving others.

New Hampton Project Week Kurn Hattin
Our students have become role models, friends, teachers and entertainers at Kurn Hattin in Vermont.

Kurn Hattin: Service, Relationships, Education

Similarly, students at Kurn Hattin in Vermont are spending the week working with young children who come from varied backgrounds, but who have faced challenging circumstances in their lives.

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