Underclass Awards; Honoring Rising Leaders

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Next week, the Class of 2019 enters a full week of celebrations leading up to Commencement. But first, the school took an evening to recognize our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The Underclass Awards honors students who have made impactful contributions in academics, athletics, arts, and service. These students will often be looked to next year to step up as leaders for the school, offering their talents and experience to embrace and exhibit the values of New Hampton School, while also carrying on the traditions and culture as role models for future classes.

After a brief introduction from Director of Studies Matt Fisk, Head of School Joe Williams addressed the crowd of students and faculty.

“Tonight, we celebrate the journey underway, as opposed to the one nearly completed for our seniors. Tonight is about the breadth of disciplines offered and significant ability demonstrated by our youngest stars through our soon to be seniors. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the fullness of our year, the experiences gained, interests developed, and the important people that have made it all possible.

“American writer Anthony J. D’Angelo states that ‘If you develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow.’ The students we will recognize tonight have demonstrated just this – a passion for a particular subject and exceptional growth over the course of our year together.

“And while we recognize a select group of individuals tonight, you should all be proud of the personal growth that has occurred over the course of the year.”

World Language Department Chair Erin Walsh ’01 presented awards to Tulio Tagliaferri ’20 and Lily McAdams ’21 for their achievements in foreign languages.

Celebrating all areas of student life

The program followed with recognition of the Class of 2020 IB Diploma Candidates, service awards, academic awards, art awards, proctor appointments, International Student Ambassadors, Junior International Ambassadors, Class Presidents for 2019-2020, as well as Honor Board and Student Council appointments.

New to the evening program, Director of Student Life Scott LeBrun presented House Citizen of the Year awards, offering a chance to honor those students who significantly contribute to the house life experience. Each house recognized a non-proctor resident in each house who best exemplifies the shared values set by the members of the house at the opening of the year house meetings. These award recipients have been consistent models of helpfulness, self-care, responsibility, and inclusiveness.

Closing words

Following a thoughtful ceremony celebrating many accomplished students, Dean of Academic Affairs Matt Fisk had the honor of sharing closing remarks.

“I would like to say something to both the graduating seniors and all of the Underclassmen.

“Underclassmen, you have an opportunity next year to work together to make New Hampton the school and community you want it to be. The underclass students I have taught this year are incredible; my IB English Year One class is comprised of a group of students I looked forward to seeing each and every day, and you made me a better teacher. I know the school is in good hands with you taking the lead.

“To the graduating seniors; I have been lucky to be your teacher and advisor. Please know that I will be taking a little something from each interaction and relationship I have had with you. I have loved every minute spent in the classroom or Academic Office with you. You have given me so much, and I, as well as all of the teachers, coaches, house parents, and advisors you have had are all so proud of you.”

Congratulations to the following students that were recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions at New Hampton School. We look forward to their ongoing leadership and growth in the coming years.

Science Department Chair Russ Brummer presented awards to Sally Wang ’20 and Alex Bechard ’20 for their achievements in science.

IB Diploma Candidate Recognition

The following members of the Class of 2020 completed their first year as IB Diploma Candidates:

Bonnie Anderson, Michelle Bischoff, Elsa Cassidy, Richard D’Agata, Juan Carlos Hernandez Guerra, Makoto Komine, Emily LaCroix, Yutang Liang, Tristan MacDonald, Eva Petschek, Ella Pitts, Leopold Spieler, Tulio Tagliaferri, Xinying Wang, Jiahao Zhang

Underclass Award Recipients

Skip Howard Male Scholar-Athlete: William Wood
Skip Howard Female Scholar-Athlete: Anna Shelden
President’s Volunteer Service Award and the International Service Award: Bonnie Anderson, Yutang Liang, Averill McCorkle, Juliette Pegula, Eva Petschek, Xinying Wang, Carter Williams, Emma Yao, Jiahao Zhang
The Scientific Inquiry Award: Alex Bechard
Scientific Achievement Award: Sally Wang
Emerging Writer in History Award: Juan Carlos Hernandez Guerra
Emerging Contributor in History Award: Kareena Alam
Spanish Young Language Award: Tulio Tagliaferri
French Young Language Award: Lily McAdams
Mathematical Communication Award: Davis Bone
Mathematics Potential Award: Charlie Truesdale
Fine Arts Award: Tristan MacDonald
Music Award: Juliette Pegula
Theatre Award: Jake Schottenfield
The Writing Prize: Sammy Thomas
The Literature Prize: Hannah Hibbert

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