Writing Center Offers New Opportunities for New Hampton Students

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The newly created New Hampton School Writing Center is open and ready for students at its new home in the Gordon-Nash Library. The Director of the Writing Center and English faculty member, Meghan Aronson, gave us some insight into why the Writing Center was created and what it provides.

writing center gordon-nash library

Why was the Writing Center created?

The Writing Center was created to give students the opportunity to focus on the craft of writing outside of classes. For tutors, it gives them the necessary time and space to really begin mastering the writing process through their tutoring of peers. This application of knowledge through teaching really allows them to discover what they know well and need to spend further time studying. For our tutees, it gets them in the habit of seeking out help so that when they arrive at college, they know that these resources exist, how to seek them out, and how to use them!

It is always beneficial to have someone with a fresh set of eyes to proof your writing, provide suggestions, or even help with an outline before you have written anything. Whether you are stuck on starting a short story for your History class or need a final editor on your college essay, the resources are available.

Who can use the Writing Center? 

The Writing Center is open to all New Hampton School students, no matter their comfort level with writing.

What services does the Writing Center provide?

Sessions with peer tutors at the Writing Center can be booked for help with brainstorming, developing outlines, citing sources, or proofing papers.

How can the Writing Center help students?

It helps students in having a peer to be candid with about assignments and someone to go to for a second set of eyes on their writing. Or, if they just don’t know where to start, a tutor can help them get over that initial hump of answering a prompt. Students can feel comfortable that their writing will not be judged and that they will feel comfortable enough to ask for help. All writers need an editor.

It also helps the Writing Center tutors to become better editors of their own papers as they practice reviewing others’ papers, brainstorming with them, and pushing peers to think differently/outside of the box when it comes to how to outline, research, and address feedback from their teachers.

As a student, why should I use the Writing Center?

The Writing Center can help students become more comfortable in their writing and provide a space to collaborate with their peers. It encourages students to ask for help and to feel comfortable doing so.

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