4 Questions Admission Counselors Wish you Would Ask in your Interview

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Picture this. You are having a great interview at a school you really like. You are confident in your answers and you feel that the admissions counselor is impressed with them as well. Suddenly, the counselor sitting across from you asks, “do you have any questions?.” You hesitate. What should I ask that I haven’t already brought up? What do they want me to ask?

To help prepare you for a moment like this, we’ve asked our Admission Office to share 4 questions they wish prospective students would ask during an interview.  

What are the differences between AP classes and IB classes?

The International Baccalaureate Programme is the cornerstone of our academic program here at New Hampton. Starting Junior year, students can take IB courses and pursue an IB Diploma if they so choose. The IB curriculum is an internationally recognized, integrated program that provides study in much greater depth than traditional AP courses You will have already talked about your academic interests during the interview, enabling our counselors to share certain IB courses that would be of interest to you. 

We understand that offering an IB curriculum makes New Hampton School unique. There are similarities between IB and AP but we would love to point out what separates an IB curriculum from traditional AP classes. Yes, you will be able to obtain college credit by taking IB courses, but you will end up gaining so much more than just this. Let our admission team explain how the various requirements of an IB diploma prepare students to be lifelong learners. We are thrilled to offer this program to our students and would love the chance to tell you the benefits of an IB education.   


Why did you choose to work at New Hampton School?

Just like you, we had to make a choice to come to New Hampton. Our admission officers are passionate about this community. They believe in the programs, know the students, and in many cases, live on campus! Ask them why they chose to work at New Hampton to better understand what makes this community so special. Senior Associate Director of Admission’s Michelle Cote says it was the tight-knit community that brought her to campus 

“Honestly, when I came to New Hampton it instantly reminded me of the small town that I grew up in. There is a lot of support around the students and their lives. Everyone comes to events. Fellow teachers, my friends, we are all in the same boat here. We all care about the kids, we all care about this community. I think this sense of community happens so naturally here. Students and faculty alike just feel connected and supported here” says Ms. Cote.  


What are your roles in the community? What else do you do?

Everyone in our community wears multiple hats, admission counselors included. They are house parents, coaches, and many are residential members of campus. This is a great way to get to know your counselor as you learn more about campus. Majority of our counselors live on campus, giving them the experience needed to answer all of your questions regarding life in the houses. The roles many of our admission counselors have on campus is an indicator of how involved our community is. You might find that you have similar interests. They might even coach a sport that you love to play! 

How can I pursue my passions and interests here at New Hampton?

Don’t be shy about your accomplishments! It is important for the admission team to understand what makes you happy. Our counselors would love to tell you how you can pursue your interests here at New Hampton. Let us know what activities you love to do, or something that you are eager to try for the first time.  

Our program leaders are extremely active in our admissions process. Once they know what you are passionate about, an admission counselor will be able to connect you with program leaders for whatever that activity may be. Whether it is equestrian or robotics, we can help you to pursue all of your dreams here at New Hampton.    

Our admission team is dedicated leaving you with a better understanding of what your future could look like as a member of Husky Nation. In order to find out the most about New Hampton, we would love for you to ask as many questions as you like. No question is too big or too small. Whether you ask one of the questions listed above or think of some on your own, just remember to be confident! Our Admission Office is excited to answer any and all questions from prospective students this fall.  For more information about our admission process, fill out our online inquiry. To schedule your campus visit, please call our office at (603)677-3401. 

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