5 Ways to Maximize Your Virtual Visit

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It’s that time of year again! Time to start building your school lists and scheduling tours. Here at New Hampton School, we are so excited to meet prospective families but we also understand how stressful this process can seem. To help you navigate the virtual visit experience at New Hampton, we’ve asked out Admission Team to put together 5 tips to maximize your virtual visit 

virtual visit new hampton school virtual tours

Watch online virtual tours 

When applying to independent schools, it is important that you get a good idea of what the campus layout is. What does the library look like? Where is the dining hall? These are the questions you need to know! Although we can’t invite you to campus right now, we have found a great alternative. We have created an online tour lead by our Director of Admission. Before your virtual visit, you will be sent a copy of our virtual tour. This way, you can watch it as many times as you want prior to your visit! In addition to watching the virtual tour, check out New Hampton’s YouTube page as well. School videos are a great way to get a feel for the community.  

Utilize your Admission Counselor

The Admission Office’s job is to make the application process stress-free, fun, and informative. They are here to help you navigate this entire process. You will be connected with a specific admission counselor who will be your go-to person for all questions. Your Admission Counselor is your biggest advocate and will be there for you throughout the process. No question is too small! The Admission Team’s goal is to make your visit and application experience as individualized as possible. 

Don’t be shy! Connect with coaches and teachers 

If you are interested in connecting with a teacher or coach, tell your Admission Counselor! At New Hampton, our program leaders want to get to know prospective students. Our teaching Faculty, Art Department, and Athletic Coaches are a great resource during the application process. They will be able to tell you all about the programs you are interested in and can give you a great idea of what your New Hampton experience could look like.  

Build a connection with a current student  

After your virtual visit, the Admission Team will connect you with one of our student ambassadors that share’s similar interests as you. Without traditional on-campus tours, our Student Ambassadors feel like they are missing out on all the fun; they want to meet you! When you receive a text, email, or note from a Student Ambassador, reach out to them. The best possible way to figure out if a school is the right fit is to get to know current students. Don’t worry about it being weird or awkward, our students want to get to know all of you.  

Ready for your virtual visit?

Although most schools are offering virtual visits, each will look a little different. At New Hampton, our Admission Team wants to provide you with a thorough, individualized virtual visit experience without spending hours staring at a screen. To decrease screen time, our Admission Team broke up the virtual visit into two parts. The first part involves watching the virtual tour on your own time, before your virtual visit. This way, you can watch it whenever and however you want! The second part is the scheduled virtual visit. The framework of a New Hampton Virtual Visit consists of a programmatic overview, an admission interviewand a conversation with parents

To schedule your virtual visit, email our admission office today.

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