Building an International Community

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For some New Hampton School students, home is right down the road, but for others, home is half a world away. Students find their way to New Hampton from places like Gabon, Panama, Slovakia, and Singapore. With over 30 countries represented, our school has created a global community right here in central New Hampshire.  

You may wonder how these students find us. Why do they choose New Hampton School? To better understand how our international students fall in love with New Hampton, we’ve provided an overview of the international application process. Also, we spoke with some of our international students about their experiences as a part of the community.  

Skype Interviews

While an on-campus experience provides applicants with an optimal opportunity to learn about New Hampton School, our Admission office understands that distance can be a barrier. To ensure that all applicants have the chance to meet with our admission team, we offer Skype interviews Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm EST. Just like an on-campus interview, Skype gives our distance applicants a chance to share their stories and learn more about our school as well as ask any questions they may have.


When applying to New Hampton, all of our applicants, domestic and international, are required to submit standardized test scores. For International applicants, the SSAT placement exam is preferred; however, we accept a TOEFL (Testing of English as a Foreign Language) exam report when it is applicable.  

Utilizing Online Resources

If you are unable to visit our campus, there are still many opportunities to get to know our school. Our YouTube channel is a window into our community with online campus tours, alumni spotlights, and videos highlighting our programs such as Project Week and the International Baccalaureate Programme. For a depiction of everyday life at New Hampton, check out our Flickr account and Instagram. Spending time on these various accounts, as well as our school website, will allow you to discover all of the opportunities that you could have at New Hampton.  


Now that you know how international students apply to New Hampton, let’s hear from the experts on why they chose New Hampton to become their home away from home. 

How has your experience been as an International Student at New Hampton? 

As an international student, New Hampton is my second home. I don’t feel lonely and homesick because there are a lot of friends and sweet faculty around me. For example, school celebrates the Chinese Spring Festival for us and we had hotpot for dinner. Many domestic students and faculty joined us and we shared our culture with them. It was a great experience and I really love this community.”- Candice ’20 

“I really like New Hampton because it feels like home. Even though this is my second year and my English is not perfect, the community is very welcoming and understanding. You meet so many people from all around the world and become friends very easily. Everyone just welcomes you right away and you don’t have to be shy or nervous because everyone finds their place here.” – Natalie ’22 

How has the International Student Support Program impacted your time on campus?

International Student Support Program is really helpful and supportive. This program provides great opportunities for international students. For instance, we have public transportations to bus stations and airports for every break and a perfect storage place to put our stuff during summer break.”- Candice ’20  

“The International Support Program is really great. We meet a couple of times and we talk about life on campus as an international student because the life at New Hampton is different than for an American student because of the English barrier. Also, you don’t feel excluded, because everyone talks to everyone. What I really like is the events we do, for example, the International night where everyone can share their culture” – Natalie ’22 

Why did you Choose to Come to New Hampton?

“When I came to AELP (Summer program at New Hampton) four years ago, I felt a sense of community. I still feel this sense of community in this environment with the school’s beautiful campus, outgoing friends, and friendly faculty that surrounded me every day.” – Candice ’20 

“The reason I decided to choose New Hampton instead of other schools 2 years ago was the feeling that I got from the community here. It was the feeling of home and New Hampton is truly a second home to me.” – Natalie ’22 

Share Your Culture With Us

As the students and educators around the world conclude their celebration of International Education Week, we are grateful to have so many students contributing to our dynamic and diverse school community. Our Admission Office looks forward to speaking with prospective international students this season. If you are interested in discovering more about New Hampton, fill out our online inquiry form so we may schedule a time to connect with you further to learn about you and your culture!

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