Head of School Joe Williams and Board of Trustees member Steve Delaney stand before a white house

A Transforming Trajectory: Delaney House Dedication

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On Friday, July 30, 2021, we celebrated a dedication in honor of Steve Delaney ‘65, a current member of the Board of Trustees and dedicated supporter of New Hampton School. Steve’s fellow board members, current faculty and staff, and friends joined on campus while his family joined virtually from afar to dedicate the recently completed Delaney House.  

Delaney House was constructed in 2020 to fulfill a much-needed shortage of family faculty housing. Director of Student Life Scott LeBrun, whose family inhabits the new house, said of Steve’s generosity, “I didn’t fully realize what a difference it would make on [my family’s] daily lives until we moved in last summer… being able to retreat at the end of a long day has been a god-send for me… Thank you, to you Steve, for impacting my family’s life so profoundly by your generosity of time and resources to New Hampton School. We are eternally grateful…”  

Delaney House stands on the interior of campus flanked by a row of trees and dormitories a short distance away. A private retreat amongst the bustle of campus life is a welcome change for the LeBrun family. Steve cares deeply for New Hampton School and its community, always finding a way to support the school when the need arises, making a direct impact on the lives of students and employees alike. 

Head of School Joe Williams remarked, “He deserves our praise and to be honored with the naming of this building for his exceptional management of our resources and for transforming the trajectory of this school.” 

Steve Delaney, who arrived at New Hampton School in September of 1961, began his time in Berry Hall. His homesickness faded, in part because of the Madan’s who were dorm parents of Berry Hall and then-current Headmaster Bud Moore, and Steve made New Hampton his home for the next four years.  

“It was an arena of challenge, but also a place of care and concern. You were valued as a person, and it became home.” -Steve Delaney 

He reconnected with the school about 20 years ago, and when he first revisited campus, much to his surprise, he was greeted by none other than Jinga and Bud Moore. Steve joined the Board of Trustees in 2006 in the middle of a strategic plan with an abundance of capital improvements. His financial acumen, problem-solving skills, and thoughtful management of resources continue to provide stability and support for the forward progress of New Hampton School, and we are forever grateful for his contributions to our community.  

“The school has changed in many ways since I first arrived at Berry Hall, but the process of educating, coaching, counseling and advising is still governed by culture of caring and concern that existed sixty-one years ago.” – Steve Delaney 

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  1. Image for Hugh Richardson
    Hugh Richardson

    To honor Steve , The Delaney House, for all he has done for New Hampton is an outstanding idea. Building new family faculty housing in Steve's name couldn't be a better way to recognize all Steve has done for the school.

    1. Image for Alex Molloy
      Alex Molloy

      Thanks for reading Hugh! We are grateful for everything Steve has done for the school.

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