Lead Others To Their Legacies; Why Annual Giving Matters

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Schools, like the seasons, follow an annual cycle of regeneration. New Hampton School is two hundred and one years “old,” but also, every year, it is made fresh-faced again by the new students, teachers, and staff members who arrive with their particular hopes and plans for the future. At New Hampton, the fall term is as full of promise as the proverbial budding tree in the spring. Spring itself is celebratory, but also taut and bittersweet, as the community says goodbye to graduating seniors and to a school year full of moments and memories.

A Common Community Goal

Spring is also when planning begins for the following school year. It is when the School considers the needs and wants, available resources, and especially the priorities of the community. This is also when the School is particularly attuned to the importance of charitable giving and why there is always a final June request for support for The Fund for New Hampton. Since 1821, New Hampton students have been the beneficiaries of the thoughtful philanthropy of alumni, parents, and other friends of the School, people who understood that financing the education of emerging citizens is a collective venture.

The Call For Partnership

The School needs partners to secure the future of its students. As much as the School celebrates its traditions and history, the real work is in front of all of us. Alumni and parent participation in The Fund for New Hampton is an expression of appreciation for the good work done in the past, but, perhaps more importantly, this participation is an endorsement of the future of all New Hampton students. The School’s mission—to cultivate lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens—is bigger than one person and one year. This mission transcends the seasons and binds our community. Though much about New Hampton has changed in two hundred years, its fundamental character and purpose remain the same, and it must be affirmed and renewed.

From its founding in 1821, the early members of our community and their many acts of generosity created a school full of life, hope, and a commitment to educating young people to better their world. This is a commitment we continue to carry forward each year since. When you give to The Fund for New Hampton, your gift supports the School’s students, teachers, staff, and signature programs with an immediate impact and sets an example for current and future students of the call to pay it forward for generations more.

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