At New Hampton School, It’s Always Volunteer Appreciation Week

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Established in 1974 to encourage U.S. citizens to get involved and improve their various communities, Volunteer Appreciation Week is observed the third week in April across the United States of America. But at Husky Nation, the spirit of civic responsibility is built into the life of the school, and it radiates through the global New Hampton community, years and even decades after a student’s graduation.

New Hampton School students Laurenz ’24, Taylor ’24, and Santi ’24, helping out neighbors during this spring’s Smith-Moore Service Learning Day.

Service-Learning Is A Standard

Last week saw the school’s entire student and faculty population volunteering during the second of two Smith-Moore Service Learning Days. Learning through service is an essential part of New Hampton School’s culture and community. By getting to know the greater New Hampshire community, New Hampton students develop a better sense of their own abilities to make a difference in “the real world.” The people outside the school’s borders appreciate the good work of NHS student-volunteers, and for students, the chance to work with or for people in need encourages them to think more broadly about what is truly important.

volunteer alumni
Alumni volunteer in many ways, including time spent as guest speakers in our classrooms, like in this visit with Bill Goldberg ’73.

A Devoted Alumni Body

Many New Hampton school alumni maintain an ongoing commitment to philanthropy and volunteering in their adult lives, which we can read about in Hamptonia and on the school’s social media. Many alumni devote their time to advancing the mission of the school by keeping their friends and classmates connected to the academic, athletic, and artistic happenings at New Hampton. Through the Alumni Association, New Hampton graduates donate their time and expertise via Reunion Committees, or as Alumni-in-Residence speakers, Class Agents, and guest writers for the school’s magazine. This year alone, almost a hundred alumni (and current and former faculty and staff members!) are taking part in planning for Reunion Weekend and the Bicentennial Gala.

We can put numbers to these many hours, and even try to assign dollar values, but the true impact of collective volunteer contributions is incalculable. Thank you, New Hampton alumni volunteers, for so generously offering your time to secure the future of the school! We salute you!

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