Alumni Faces: Kabraul Tasha ’89 and Ryan King ’90

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What is it like to return to campus after ten, twenty, thirty years or more? With an alumni network that circles the globe, it is no surprise that it can be a period of years before many have the opportunity between college, careers, families, and geographical distance, to return.

Each year, we see our share of alumni returning to campus for the first time. This is often at large events such as Homecoming and Reunion, or even small ones such as school plays, gallery exhibits, and athletic games. Another exciting moment we get to witness is when alumni return with their families. Seeing their joy in sharing their alma mater is a special moment for them and their children.

We caught up with two alumni this fall who now have a new role—not only as alumni, but current parents in our community. Thank you to Kabraul Tasha ’89 and Ryan King ’90 for this Q&A and sharing your updates, memories, and renewed connection to New Hampton School.

Kabraul ’89, Annie ’23, Alex ’23, and Ryan ’90 on campus in August 2019.

Q: What are you doing now and where do you call home?

Ryan: I have lived in many cities since New Hampton, but I have called Manhattan Beach, California my home for the past 21 years. I’m the Founder/CEO of Strategic Employment, Inc and Career Movement. I currently have offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Denver, New York, and Boston, with Chicago opening in 2020.

Kabraul: I call home Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. I run our family fuel business, the business covers Boston South, and is also located here in Falmouth.

Q: What drew you and your family to consider New Hampton for your daughter?

Ryan: New Hampton had a huge impact on my life, influencing my work ethic and career path. As I’ve gotten older, I can see even more clearly how significant of an impact New Hampton has had on my life. My wife, Holly, and I discussed the possibility of our daughter experiencing something special like I had experienced at her age—something that would last her a lifetime and give her the life skills that I learned at NHS.

Kabraul: We came here and visited New Hampton when our daughter Annie was thinking about another school. It had been 30 years since I had been back here, and we couldn’t believe how much it had changed in those years. It felt like the right fit for my daughter, Annie, as well.

Q: What is something you remember from your student experience that still remains today?

Ryan: I remember the individual time that the teachers and mentors invested in me personally, and moreover, how what they taught me then not only prepared me to handle my life during that period but to this very day hold true.

Kabraul: Mostly the social skills and being independent. You don’t have your parents here, so you learn to be independent but also work with the people of your community on campus. Working with your teachers and coaches and interacting with other students are great life lessons NHS taught me. And, of course, going to the Country Store!

Q: What advice would you give to a fellow alum looking to reengage with the school?

Ryan: The school has changed so much since I attended New Hampton School! Any alumni that return and reengage will not only reminisce and get lost in the nostalgia of old memories but, more importantly, will leave with a renewed pride of what it means to be a Husky.

Kabraul: I highly recommend connecting again with New Hampton School. There are some great new people and it’s nice to reconnect with former classmates, teachers, and coaches. It is an incredible school with an amazing, beautiful campus.

Reconnecting with New Hampton School

There are many ways to reconnect with New Hampton School. Check-in with the Alumni Office to update your information, share a class note, and learn more about event opportunities on- and off-campus. Follow the school’s channels on social media, and connect with your classmates in the alumni group on LinkedIn, as well as your individual class group on Facebook.

With the school’s Bicentennial on the horizon, there is no better time to come back and experience today’s New Hampton School. We look forward to visiting and reconnecting with more alumni, former faculty, and extended community members in the years ahead.

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