Alumni Spotlight: Eva Hodgson ’18

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Determined to make the most of an otherwise disappointing year due to the pandemic, Eva ’18 has made her way back to Husky Nation working in the Admission and Advancement offices. Typically limited by year-round athletic and academic involvements, Eva hasn’t had the time to commit to a summer internship in the past. Knowing that this year offered a unique opportunity to dedicate herself to something different, she decided to spend some time growing in ways that aren’t typically found in an academic setting. And, while she continues to take classes towards her Business Analytics degree remotely, we asked her a few questions about what it has been like to switch things up a bit and come back to her Husky home.

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to come back, and to give back, to NHS. To me, New Hampton has a profound mission which it takes seriously. And just as seriously it is purposefully a warm and welcoming community. As a student I was encouraged to grow intellectually, personally, and even in my faith when I helped start an FCA club. I’m forever indebted to New Hampton School for the full educational experience I received while here.”

Eva ’18 returned to New Hampton School as an Admission intern in December 2020.

Tell us more about your New Hampton School experience?

“During my time at New Hampton, I was offered experiences that I couldn’t have imagined. I was able to try a little bit of everything. I dipped my toes into 5 different sports, tried full International Baccalaureate for a year then decided to shift so that I could have flexibility to try student government. I got to travel to Peru during Project Week, participated in a spring musical and was able to see all the intricacies that go into a play to list a few. Aside from all of the experiences that I had; I was able to get to know people from all over the world. I was able to form relationships with so many incredible people that have left their mark on my life. Leaving New Hampton helped me realize how much a place and people can influence a person. Along with profound community, service, and leadership opportunities my educational experience at NHS equipped me with critical thinking tools for success in my studies. I’m on track to graduate from William & Mary early (in three years) and plan to start a grad program next fall. While at New Hampton I developed a confidence that I didn’t have when I entered. I learned who I was and more importantly started figuring out who I wanted to be.”


Eva ’18 (center) smiles with friends at her college athletics signing.

What did you learn during your own admission process that helps you navigate your work now?

“Helping families in their decision making process is a privilege. Having gone through the school visits leading to NHS, and leading to W&M, I fully empathize with kids and their parents. It’s tough. Determining what environment will best nurture and grow an individual is a heavy weight. Conversely, screening prospective students has significant implications for the learning and community environment of NHS. Our values and priorities of respect and responsibility, inclusion, diversity, collaboration and care are the lens through which Admissions staff get to know prospective students. Helping determine an individuals fit within and contribution to New Hampton’s legacy is a really fun mission to be a part of.”


Eva ’18 (left) poses after being named Student Body Co-President alongside Patrick Kramer ’18.

What special aspects of the New Hampton School community make you feel at home here?

“The people. During my time as a student, I was surrounded by so many incredible people who saw me for all that I was and pushed me to be more. Coming back a little under three years later I’m met with that same feeling. I’m now working with people who helped me become me. I think of my time at NHS as that of a chrysalis. So much took place in my life that grew me in beautiful ways. NHS teachers, staff and administration are themselves the purveyors of its institutional values. Life to me isall about continual growth and I have to say that NHS people model that mindset. Ongoing learning, being pushed to be better, meeting people outside of my comfort zone who can teach me, and expanding my perspective are values of New Hampton School.”


Eva and Sera Hodgson in 2017.
Eva ’18 (left) and sister Sera ’21 (right) and Eva’s Senior soccer game.

The Best Part

“Coming back to New Hampton presented the chance to work in a learning environment. It also gives me the chance to be with my sister for her last semester of high school, it offer me an outlet to be around the sport I love as an assistant coach, and I’ll be working in a professional setting adding business related skills. Pretty Cool!”

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