Alumni Spotlight features Riley Stone '16, an alumnus currently in Germany.

Alumni Spotlight: Riley Stone ’16, Tapping into networking

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Our alumni spotlight series continues this year with a young alumnus who has taken networking possibilities at New Hampton School across the globe as he pursues his studies and future career. Riley Stone ’16 has ambitious goals and sought out connections within the New Hampton School network to gain insight from in the competitive, and broad, world of finance. Read on below for Riley’s updates.

To connect with Riley on LinkedIn, he welcomes you to visit his profile. As he shared with us, he is “actively searching for more and more connections. Hearing from experienced, like-minded people, while also being able to relate to New Hampton, is honestly amazing.”

From New Hampton School to SNHU

Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Southern New Hampshire University in International Business, focusing in finance. SNHU offers a ‘Degree in Three’ program that gives students the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in three years by taking an increased course load. The curriculum is an integrated business program focused on competency development and recognized for innovative curriculum and experiential, team-based learning.

In order to find the right degree program, I researched what would have future value in the marketplace. While researching, it became obvious that the world is becoming increasingly globalized, and that an international mindset is an attractive attribute to employers. I decided to focus in finance because it’s something that’s truly impressive and interesting to me. Additionally, International Business is broad, giving me flexibility in picking a career path.

Aspiring to something great

I remember vividly sitting with my best friends in Ms. MacLeod’s family restaurant in Bristol for senior dinner. At the dinner, I sat next to one of the funniest and most down to earth guys I’ve ever met, Giotty Assimakopoulos. That night we shared ideas of what we aspire to do, futures that excited us. I believe we decided we’d create an airline company together; Giotty is now a chef, and I am studying finance. The message, though, is that we spent time throwing out ideas of what our futures would look like and what the possibilities could be. This excited both of us. It really sparked my thinking towards what decisions I could make now to better set up my future. My friends at New Hampton School inspired me to do great things in life.

Class of 2016 celebrates their 100 Days Dinner.
Seniors from the Class of 2016 enjoy an evening off campus for their 100 Days Dinner; a new tradition marking an important time of focus and reflection as students prepare for their last 100 days prior to graduation.

Benefits of networking

During the summer, I met with New Hampton School’s Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Cindy Buck to connect and go over what I was looking for in terms of connecting and networking with alumni. This conversation helped me connect with inspiring people in business all around the world.

After meeting with Mrs. Buck, I went off to pursue a semester abroad in Germany. While in Germany, I visited two global firms through New Hampton School connections. Additionally, I’ve had several calls with alumni. I asked them questions about the industry and gained valuable insight. The part that amazes me as a student is that I am connecting with individuals that are Managers, Vice Presidents, and even CFOs at some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Their knowledge and understanding of the industry allows me to get a feel for the marketplace, as well as spark ideas for my career.

Alumni Spotlight features Riley Stone '16, an alumnus who spent a semester abroad in Germany.
Riley Stone ’16 continued his studies in finance during a semester abroad in Germany, pictured here at the Berlin Wall.

Some people I’ve connected with through New Hampton became more than a one-time call. They’ve become long-term connections. I’m currently employed by one of the largest wealth management firms in the world; my supervisor and his colleague both have a direct relationship to New Hampton School. These individuals are mentors that will continually be valuable resources for me.

Looking towards the future

I think the financial industry is going to be significantly different in 10 years or so. Think about it: the iPhone is 11 years old! The world is changing extremely fast. My generation has this urge to be extremely successful in a very short period of time. Every millennial and kid like me wants everything way too fast! For me, it’s important to gain meaningful experience and surround myself with like-minded people. I want to pay off my student loans first. Second, I think accomplishing growth in a career is important. I want to do something that is impactful and beneficial to others but also that allows me to grow professionally. Finding out in the next few years what I’m good at, and what will help others along the way, will be an accomplishment for me.

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  1. Image for Dan Sylvester
    Dan Sylvester

    Great job Riley! Your focus and attention to your future through education and networking is inspiring. I have no doubt you will be successful no matter what you choose to do. Keep up the good work my man.

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