Arts Awards 2021; Honoring Artistic Voices and Growth

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In a year without Arts Day, it becomes especially important to highlight the student artists who have committed themselves to their craft throughout their years at New Hampton School. Amy Wilson, Director of Visual and Performing Arts, along with art faculty Joe Sampson, Meredith Brown, Kyle Masterson, Charlie Smith, and Julie Pereira welcomed the school community on Friday, May 7 for the Arts Awards Ceremony. Mr. Sampson opened the ceremony with an acknowledgment at the loss of Arts Day, sharing, “Though we wish we could be art-ing today in person on a proper Arts Day, COVID has dealt us another tough hand. We are happy, though, to have this opportunity to recognize some outstanding student artists.”

Following a music video presentation shared by Mr. Masterson and the Contemporary Performance Lab, Mr. Tobin shared news of the poetry content. You can read more about the contest, the finalists, and their poems on NHS Today. Each presenter took turns sharing the awards, thoughtfully discussing the attributes of each artist and their works. Please join us in congratulating all of the honored winners, and also read on for a couple of highlights including the Scholar in the Studio and the Whole Artist Award. Congratulations!

Haozhan “Harry” Lu was honored with this year’s Scholar in the Studio Award.

Scholar in the Studio Award

The Scholar in the Studio Award this year is presented to Harry Haozhan Lu ’22.

“While learning remotely all year, he has shown an exceptionally persistent commitment to his artistic study, evident in his clear and in-depth documentation of the process. From painting to digital art to building models, he spends time outside of class to develop his concepts and designs, thoughtfully integrating the feedback he receives. With his passion for architecture, Harry has been conducting in-depth research for his IB Extended Essay looking at cathedral structure, and for his Comparative Study research on museum design. He even planned an architectural workshop for Arts Day. Integrating his knowledge and passion for music into his studies, he has created several art pieces translating sound into visual work and led a project week bringing his fellow remote musicians together. I am excited to report that Harry will go on to study at Cornell’s architecture program this summer. Congratulations, Harry!”

Whole Artist Award

The 2021 Whole Artist award goes to an artist who is involved in both visual and performing arts, enthusiastically expanding her capacity for creative expression in a wide range of art forms including studio art, ceramics, dance, and theatre.

“In Advanced Art, Sarah LaCroix loves working in her sketchbook and is always recording ideas that come to her. Thorough in her planning and self-reflection, she is always ready to share her ideas. She is an excellent support to her creative peers, listening and providing genuine feedback. She revels in taking creative risks and trying new techniques. Several times this year Ms. Pereira has recalled hearing her say, “I’ve never done this before, and I love it!”

In the ceramics studio, Mr. Smith says that Sarah is a creative force and a thoughtful leader. She works tirelessly on her own projects, but always has time to advise a peer on their wheel throwing technique or glaze choices. She has taken on every job there is in the studio: loading and unloading kilns, organizing tools and materials, taking glaze inventory, and so much more, while also putting in countless hours outside of class on her own work. It is a pleasure to have her in the studio and anyone who has worked alongside Sarah knows what a caring and dedicated student she is. Her ceramics work has won three Scholastic Art Awards in the last two years, including a Gold and Silver Key.

In the theatre, Mr. Sampson states that her work this winter in Dracula was outstanding. She kept finding new facets to her character throughout rehearsals and kept surprising herself in the process. Her enthusiasm was contagious and helped buoy the spirits of anyone around her. The end result was a funny, dramatic, and personal characterization that raised the level of the production immeasurably.

Ms. Brown elaborates: As a performer, Sarah is an absolute delight to work with. She fully embraces the directions given to her and takes on her roles with enthusiasm and creativity. She brings many of her own ideas to her character and often comes to rehearsal with things she wants to try. Sarah does not shy away from the new challenges and embraces every opportunity she is presented with. She takes constructive criticism and applies it to her craft. It has been a pleasure watching her grow on stage over these past years and I can’t wait to see what her acting future holds.

For her enthusiasm, leadership, and creative spirit, the faculty of the Visual and Performing Arts Department couldn’t be happier to give this year’s Whole Artist Award to Sarah LaCroix.

2021 Art Awards

Congratulations to the following students recognized with Art Awards at Friday’s school meeting:

Excellence in Graphic Design Award: Emily Hansen
Emerging Artist in Ceramics: Victoria Butler
Excellence in Ceramics Award: Sarah LaCroix
Excellence in Sculptural Ceramics Awards: Hannah Tripp and Jake Terra
Artistic Vision Award: Cat Vu Nguyen
Animation Award: Trevor Castino
Scholar in the Studio: Haozhan Harry Lu
Emerging Artist Award: Linda Mukundwa
Portfolio Award in Photography: Tommy McNeal
Most Improved Musician Award: Cal Nolan
Music Citizenship Award: Joe Bourbeau
Career Musician Award: Will Bradbury 
Portfolio Award in Studio Art: Sam Davis
Portfolio Award in Digital Art: Marcus Chan
Best Behind the Scenes Award: Cal Nolan
Director’s Award: Gillian Bonin
Best Actor Award: Todd Hamlett
Whole Artist Award: Sarah LaCroix

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