Snow Angel by David Lindsay-Abaire

New Hampton School Performs “Snow Angel” by David Lindsay-Abaire

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Join us for our first show of the year on Saturday, November 11!

Director of Performing Arts Joe Sampson directs New Hampton School’s fall play, Snow Angel by David Lindsay-Abaire. After a private performance for the school on November 10, the all-student production will be open to the public on November 11, 2017, at 7:30 PM.


About the Play

It’s winter and it’s snowing as members of Mrs. Samson’s English class listen to the radio and get ready for school. They are announcing school closings for the day and as soon as the kids hear “Deerpoint” they are on their way to a day of fun in the snow. What they’re not expecting is Eva, a mysterious girl who steps from a snowbank and into their lives. Eva helps the kids to find new ways to understand themselves. “I am looking forward to this fall play because it has been a lot of work and fun to create this show,” says Mairead Ryan ’18 of Ashland, NH. “We have built a strong community of talented, funny, and creative actors and we’ve made something really special in the process.”

Sampson likes the play for its message and for its humor. “It’s rare to find a play written for high school students that actually sounds like the way they talk,” says Sampson. “I admire the play’s heart and its ability to draw characters that feel real and alive.” In the course of a single snow day, Snow Angel captures the spirit and challenge of teenage life and promises to stir up enthusiasm for the mystery and beauty of the upcoming winter season.

The Cast

Appearing in the cast are Mairead Ryan, Claire Gardner ’19, Mikayla Williams ’18, Alyxandra Huckaby ’19, Olivia MacLean ’19, Ruby Schechter ’19, Maggie-Molloy Van Dyne ’19, Gillian Bonin ’21, Carter Cress ’19, Kaleb Davis ’18, Drew Honeycutt ’18, Todd Hamlett ’21, Thomas Prentice ’20, Kincaid LaCorte ’20, Charles Ba Oumar ’18, and Ercan Dal ’18. The cast includes local day students and boarding students. Some actors have been in theatre for many years, and for others, this may be the first performance. “We’ve all been working really hard and it’s paying off,” says first year student Claire Gardner from Guilford, NH. “For a lot of students it is their first time doing theater, but you’d never know it from their portrayals on stage.”

New Hampton School Performing Arts

Director of Performing Arts Joe Sampson has a knack for making theatre fun and accessible to all students. While some students are interested in continuing with Performing Arts at a collegiate level, Mr. Sampson also teaches public speaking and improv classes that are popular throughout the school and provide lifelong skills to many students. Learn about the student experience by watching the video, or visiting the website.

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