NH Scholastic Art Awards Honors 23 New Hampton School Students

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New Hampton School’s talented student-artists received notifications this week about their art submissions to the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards. Amy Wilson, New Hampton School’s Director of Visual & Performing Arts, was pleased to share the tremendous news that 23 students were recognized. And, in the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing images of selected works with our community.

Students work closely with the arts faculty to select submission pieces each fall.

Celebrating artistic voice

Students across the state may choose to submit their best art pieces to the Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire (SAANH) for consideration of a Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention award. The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire is a regional visual arts affiliate of the prestigious national Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards. This non-profit organization welcomes submissions and evaluates pieces from public, private, and parochial schools from grades 7-12 in 17 different visual art categories. The call for submissions goes out each September and entries are accepted through December.

Faculty members assist students in selecting works that meet the judging criteria and then create high-resolution digital files of the works to submit. Schools are notified in early January with the award listings. The 23 New Hampton School students recognized this year achieved a total of 51 award recognitions. Their works cover a wide array of mediums including ceramics, photography, digital art, sculpture, painting, and printmaking, to name a few.

Our student-artists submit works in a wide range of mediums such as ceramics, photography, digital art, painting, and more.

Gaining Exposure

Select artworks from the Gold Key winners are curated into a special exhibition, as arranged by the New Hampshire Institute of Art. This offers further exposure for student-artists among their statewide peers and visitors to the exhibition. The exhibit is hosted at Pinkerton Academy’s Stockbridge Theater in Derry, New Hampshire. It opens on Tuesday, January 21, and remains on display through the awards ceremony day on Sunday, February 16. Our student-artists will be recognized formally at the awards ceremony beginning at 12 pm.

The eight students from New Hampton School who achieved with a regional Gold Key award will have their pieces judged on the national level in the coming weeks. Two New Hampton School students were honored with a National Silver Key Award this past year including Makoto Komine ’20 for his print piece titled Onagadori (Long-tailed chicken) and Phoebe Kahn ’20 for her photograph titled Guatemalan Festival. This year’s national winners will be announced online by Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards in March and the gold medal winners are then celebrated at the national ceremony in New York City in June.

Makoto Komine's print "Onagadori" earned a Gold Key award.
Makoto Komine’s print “Onagadori” earned a National Silver Key Award in 2019.

Please join us in congratulating the following student-artists for their contributions and achievements in the art community.

NH Scholastic Art Awards Honorees

2020 Gold Key Awards

Xiaoyue Guo – Photography: “Warmth in Winter”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Aesthetic Disorganization in the Azores”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Mt. Cardigan”
Tristan MacDonald – Design: “Fossil Folly”
Marcus Chan – Photography: “The Ghost of Mine”
Cathy Li – Ceramics & Glass: “Bridge”
Aaron Liu – Digital Art: “Dreamlover”
Emma Yao – Printmaking: “Suicide Awareness”
Sarah LaCroix – Ceramics & Glass: “Organic Vase”

2020 Silver Key Awards

Zola Braswell – Ceramics & Glass: “Squidward’s Vacation Home”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Becoming One with the Island Cows”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Midnight Skyscraper”
Makoto Komine – Mixed Media: “Onagadori Tessellation (neon)”
Makoto Komine – Drawing & Illustration: “Friend mon”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Split Rock”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Osprey Spring”
Tristan MacDonald – Printmaking: “A Tree for All Seasons”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Forest Pond”
Polina Ostrovskaya – Drawing & Illustration: “Legs”
Will Wood – Photography: “Dragon Eye”
Ellie Beaudet – Ceramics & Glass: “Beach Bottle”
Marcus Chan – Photography: “Space boy”
Jenna Eisenmann – Photography: “Through the Wire”
Cathy Li – Ceramics & Glass: “Pose”
Zhimeng Liu – Photography: “Chengdu Through My Eye”
Emma Yao – Photography: “Self portrait: fragments”
Bill Dang – Digital Art: “Distortion of Worlds”

2020 Honorable Mentions

Noah Bolduc – Ceramics & Glass: “Barn in Decay”
Zola Braswell – Ceramics & Glass: “Polka Dot Clown Bowls”
Xiaoyue Guo – Photography: “Overwhelming”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Slack Tide”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Imposing Design”
Phoebe Kahn – Portfolio: “Morocco Experience”
Phoebe Kahn – Photography: “Winter Latte”
Phoebe Kahn – Photography: “Black and White Palm Trees”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Minimalist Tea Cups”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Sea Pitcher”
Makoto Komine – Sculpture: “Orochi”
Makoto Komine – Printmaking: “Styrofoam Printmaking 01”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “The Road Home”
Tristan MacDonald – Portfolio: “A Window to the World”
Polina Ostrovskaya – Photography: “Quincy”
Will Wood – Portfolio: “Life in Scrabble”
Marcus Chan – Digital Art: “I Am Driving Myself Crazy”
Zhimeng Liu – Jewelry: “Fragile”
Zhimeng Liu – Ceramics & Glass: “Nike Air Jordan 1 Off White”
Callie McLaughlin – Sculpture: “The World Through a Lens”
Declan Coyne – Drawing & Illustration: “Mountain Land Scape”
Kyle Hicks – Printmaking: “Jersey Portrait”
Kelin Jeffreys – Design: “Ghost Book Cover”
Emmett Shea – Ceramics & Glass: “The Midnight Vase”

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