“Protest Portraits” Art Installation Coming to New Hampton School

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Maundy Mitchell’s portrait work is no stranger to our campus. Earlier this year, her portrait series “Life’s Work” exhibited in Galletly Gallery, and Mitchell herself also visits the school during events, such as the annual Arts Day celebration, to teach photography workshops. Earlier this week, Director of Visual and Performing Arts Amy Wilson announced that Mitchell’s “Protest Portraits” will exhibit on New Hampton School’s campus beginning October 3.

Protest Portraits, seen here, appeared earlier this summer on the town green in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

About the exhibit

Mitchell created this outdoor installation exhibit earlier this summer as a response to raising voices. Her artist statement shares the following:

If you’ve followed me for long, you know one of my favorite quotes: “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” (Henry David Thoreau).

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, I decided I wanted to help support the Black Lives Matter movement in some way. I started by watching and listening, trying to educate myself. Then I began this personal portrait project. I welcomed protesters into my studio during protests on the common in Plymouth, NH. I listened to peoples’ stories and shared their portraits.

I hope that these portraits will be an invitation to every viewer to look closer. A closer look often creates empathy. Empathy creates understanding. Understanding builds community. As a collective project, I hope that these portraits also communicate the sense of unity that I see, among everyone who stands in protest for a better country for all of us.

A learning opportunity on tour

Since the initial launch of the series, they have exhibited locally in Plymouth, on the lawn at the State House in Concord, and at schools throughout the region. The exhibit will be available on campus for students, faculty, and staff to discuss and view for two weeks. The school is also busy creating programming around the exhibit both for in the classroom and in student club settings. While the campus is currently still closed to visitors due to the pandemic, we hope that community members will observe the exhibit on its current tour and experience the powerful impact of these portraits.

protest portraits maundy mitchell
This exhibit is traveling to locations around the region throughout the fall.

About the artist

Mitchell, an internationally acclaimed portrait photographer and Associate Level Photographer with The Portrait Masters International, runs her portrait studio Maundy Mitchell Photography in Plymouth, NH. Her photos have been published in magazines, on billboards, and online nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Association of America, the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, the Magic Hour Foundation Photographer Network, and the Women’s Caucus for Art in New Hampshire. She holds a trademark on the phrase, “People are Beautiful”, which is her core belief as a photographer.

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