Winter Athletics Awards 2022: A Full Season to Celebrate

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The New Hampton School community gathered Thursday, March 31 to celebrate all of our winter student-athletes and teams on their season of competition. This season was highlighted by exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship, a full slate of games, and tremendous efforts in the final NEPSAC tournament runs. Please join us in congratulating the students below for their leadership and skillful contributions this season.

Lakes Region All-Stars 2022

  • Women’s Varsity Basketball
    Mia Mancini ’23
    Peyton Grant ’22
    Cate MacDonald ’23
  • Men’s Varsity Basketball
    Juju Ramirez ’22
    Kyle Hicks ’22
    Jabari Nurse ’22
  • Women’s Varsity Hockey
    Julia Pellerin ’23
    Jo Tattersall ’22
  • Men’s Varsity Hockey
    Evan Moore ’22
    Alex Moeller ’22

All-NEPSAC Team Players

  • Women’s AA Basketball
    Mia Mancini ’23
  • Men’s AAA Basketball
    Juju Ramirez ’22
    Kyle Hicks ’22 – Honorable Mention
    Jabari Nurse ’22 – Honorable Mention
  • Women’s Small School Hockey
    Julia Pellerin ’23
    Jo Tattersall ’22
  • Women’s Small School Hockey Player of the Year: Julia Pellerin ’23 

Winter Athletics Awards 2022

  • Women’s Varsity Basketball
    Coaches: Ms. Sherburne, Ms. DiBari ’08 & Ms. Corselli
    Coaches’ Award – Emily Greenwood ’22 & Peyton Grant ’22
    Most Valuable Player – Mia Mancini ’23
    Vazifdar Award – Cate MacDonald ’23
  • Women’s JV Basketball
    Coaches: Ms. Jennison
    Coaches’ Award – Mary-Ann McMaugh ’25
    Most Improved Player Award – Jolee Dumont ’24
  • Men’s Varsity A Basketball 
    Coaches: Mr. Gale, Mr. Daye & Mr. Feldman
    Coaches’ Award – Alexi Twahili ’22 
    Richardson Award – Kyle Hicks ’22
    Gnerre Basketball Award – Juju Ramirez ’22
  • Men’s Varsity B Basketball
    Coaches: Mr. Love ’16 & Mr. Cramer
    Coaches’ Award – Tom Schuchmann ’23
    Most Valuable Player Award – Ryan Carey ’24
  • Men’s JV A Basketball
    Coaches: Mr. Morel & Mr. Lundgren
    Coaches’ Award – Brady Bernier ’24
    Most Improved Player Award – Jackson Flanders ’25
  • Men’s JV B Basketball
    Coaches: Mr. Frame
    Coaches’ Award – Matteo Vecchione ’25
    Most Improved Player Award – Demian Gritskov ’25
  • Women’s Varsity Hockey
    Coaches: Mr. Churchill & Ms. Moore
    Coaches’ Award – Casey Chesner ’22
    212 Award – Sophia Hausberger ’22
    Paul Family Hockey Award – Jo Tattersall ’22
  • Women’s JV Hockey
    Coaches: Mr. Stern & Ms. Sullivan
    Coaches’ Award – Eva Adams ’25
    Most Improved Player Award – Moriah Smith ’24
  • Men’s Varsity Hockey
    Coaches: Mr. Gorman ’11 & Mr. Ellis
    Coaches’ Award – Colin Androlewicz ’22
    Friends of Hockey – Trevor Castino ’22
    Ambassador Award – Scott Lagos ’23
    Gall Hockey Award – David Helledy ’22
  • Men’s Varsity B Hockey
    Coaches: Mr. Landino & Mr. Henry
    Coaches’ Award – Cal Dunstan ’23
    Most Valuable Player Award – Joe Greco ’24
  • Alpine Ski Team
    Coaches: Mr. Barnaby & Ms. McClure
    Coaches’ Award – Teddy Sang ’24
    Bixby Ski Award – Alex Philipp ’23
  • Freeski Team
    Coaches: Mr. Conkling ’85
    Coaches’ Award – Sydney Marcus ’23
    Most Valuable Freeskier – Reed Stadtlander ’24
  • Snowboarding Team
    Coaches: Mr. Tobin & Mr. Driscoll
    Coaches’ Award – Grady Moore ’25
    Most Valuable Snowboarder – Will Bradbury ’23



Named Award Descriptions


The Gall Hockey Award honors brothers Peter ’49 and Bill ’50 Gall. Although the pair never took to the New Hampton ice during the same season (a broken arm sidelined one of the Gall boys), each made a significant contribution in the early years of New Hampton Hockey. Later, in collegiate action, the pair went on to set the record for the highest-scoring line at Princeton University. The Gall Hockey Award recognizes that outstanding player who has contributed, not only to the team but also to the legacy of the New Hampton School’s hockey program.


In 1976 the parents of that year’s hockey team established this award to honor the player who contributed the most to the success of the team but was not necessarily the most talented skater on the ice. It is intended to go to that player—through sportsmanship, leadership, and work ethic—who sets the standard by which the rest of the team must compete.


This award is presented to that player whose love of hockey, respect for the game and their opponents, and determination to play with pride, dignity, and through adversity have distinguished them as a person of excellent character and as a goodwill ambassador for the sport of hockey and New Hampton School. It is established to honor the efforts and sportsmanship of the 2003-04 Men’s Varsity Hockey Team, players, and coaches.


During New Hampton’s first season of women’s ice hockey competition, Alison Paul emerged as the star of the team. Like her fellow teammates, Paul relied on her competitive spirit and love of the sport to override her lack of experience in the face of more seasoned opponents. The Paul Family Women’s Ice Hockey Award recognizes that female hockey player whose competitive spirit and good sportsmanship have contributed to furthering the success of New Hampton’s Women’s Ice Hockey team.


This award for the outstanding member of New Hampton’s Varsity Ski Team was established by former math department chairman and head ski coach, Peter Bixby. Bixby, who was responsible for the development of New Hampton School’s ski area on Burleigh Mountain, was committed to the skiers he coached and demanded the same dedication for his team. This award recognizes that skier whose performance was the result of a strong commitment to the team and him/herself.


In 1986, New Hampton School won its first New England Prep School Class “A” Basketball Championship. This achievement became a reality due to Head Master Lou Gnerre’s efforts to develop a national-caliber program. Gnerre’s enthusiasm and commitment to New Hampton basketball helped create a program that became second to none. In acknowledging Gnerre’s vision and giving thanks for his efforts, this award was established to recognize that player who best exemplifies that competitive spirit and class, on and off the court, which Gnerre envisioned as the foundation for a winning program.


The Richardson Basketball Trophy was established by the family of alumnus and former trustee, Don Richardson, who distinguished himself as a great athlete during both his New Hampton and collegiate basketball careers. As an alumnus, he continued his interest in the New Hampton basketball program as a loyal fan. The Richardson Basketball Trophy is awarded to a basketball player who exhibits both superior athletic skills and a dedication to the team.


This award was established by Dr. J. Vazifdar, stepfather of Carrie Richard ’81. Carrie attended New Hampton for three years and was a major contributor to the women’s basketball program. Besides being a starter on an exceptional basketball team her senior year, Carrie also received the Valedictorian Medal as the top student in her graduating class. Carrie continued her basketball and academic excellence at Ohio Wesleyan University. Dr. Vazifdar established this award to recognize a student-athlete that exemplifies everything Carrie strived for while playing basketball at New Hampton: leadership, improvement, and dedication.

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