3 Home Workouts our Students are Loving

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As we continue distance learning, an essential part of our routines includes physical wellness. From healthy eating to mindfulness practices, we seek ways to balance our schedules with much-needed self-care. To support their fitness, some students continue athletic drills, while others have sought out custom routines and joined in zoom classes offered by their teachers. For others, the chance to try out something new through an app or streaming service has been just what they needed to mix up their routines and stay engaged in physical wellbeing. Here are a few home workouts that our students are loving. 

This year, many of our sports teams enjoyed in-person yoga classes with Mrs. Tyson.


In the mood for workouts that add movement and relaxation to your day? Follow in Annie’s footsteps and try an online yoga class!

“I LOVE to do yoga. I do yoga everyday for at least 20 minutes and find that it really helps with anxiety.” – Annie ’20.

Our student body is no stranger to yoga flows—several of our teachers double as yoga instructors and host weekly flows for our community. Even now, science faculty member Sara Tyson P’21 leads weekly yoga classes via Zoom. 

If you aren’t able to tune in to one of Mrs. Tyson’s classes, there are many free online resources as well. Online courses and programs span all levels from beginner to master yogi alike. The YouTube channel Yoga with Adrienne is dedicated to 35-minute yoga flows for all levels. Whether you are looking for a workout, or just a chance to reset during a busy day, a yoga flow could be just what you need. 

Coach Tony helps provide circuit training routines for our athletic teams. All students are invited to reach out for custom routines.

Circuit Workouts 

Many of our athletes have turned to tried and true circuit workouts while participating in distance learning at home. Luckily for our students, they have Tony Mure,  Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, as a resource. 

In addition to Tony’s advice and coaching, Zola ’20 has been using Cloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred Program while others have been using apps such as Sworkit Fitness, and SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness. Circuit workouts such as the ones found on these apps can be high impact, so get ready to jump around and amp your heart rate up. Most circuit workouts will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes—just enough time to kick your butt 

Workouts in the studio can differ form home workouts, but they are just as effective.
Huskies are open to trying new routines, like Aerial Yoga, which they successfully attempted during a prior Project Week.


Does your English teacher double as a pilates instructor? Our very own Mrs. Aronson does! Every week, Mrs. Aronson leads ahour-long pilates fusion class via ZoomPilates is one of those deceiving types of workouts that seem easy until you’re in the middle of one, and your legs are shaking, and you’re thinking, “What did I get myself into?” Thankfully for our community, Mrs. Aronson has shown us how effective and fun these workouts can be.  

Along with classes taught by Mrs. Aronson, Sage ’21 has been loving pilates workouts by Melissa Wood Health: “Melissa provides at-home workouts that are a combination of yoga and pilates. My mom and I have been doing them a lot, and I’m hooked. The movements she does look so easy and simple, but it’s a burn I’m telling you! (Plus her voice is so calming and relaxing—an added bonus!)”

Melissa Wood’s workouts are low impact but highly effective when it comes to targeting specific muscle groups through a mixture of yoga and pilates. Up for the challenge? You can take Sage’s recommendation and try Melissa Wood’s workouts free for seven days

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