Spring Celebrations; Honoring Our Student-Athletes and Teams

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Amid the start of the spring Lakes Region Tournaments, New Hampton School paused to celebrate their student-athletes on Tuesday, May 17. This ceremony honors the efforts, strengths, and grit of these students who have enjoyed the first full-spring schedule since 2019. Balancing rigorous training and a tightly packed academic, social, and athletic schedule since returning from March break, these student-athletes savored their season with tremendous games and the support of many alumni, friends, and families cheering them on from the sidelines. With the tournaments continuing this week, and only days until graduation for the seniors, the community welcomed the celebratory evening as a time for reflection and recognition.

Congratulations to all of our athletes for their spring season and to the students below for their exceptional contributions of leadership, sportsmanship, and athleticism.

New Hampton School Student-Athlete Awards 

Outing Club
Coaches: Mr. Smith & Mr. Jarvis
Coaches’ Award – Becca Simmons

Women’s Varsity Softball
Coaches: Ms. Williams, Ms. Bridgham
Coaches’ Awards – Madi Woods
The Hard Hat Award – Liv Arvidson
Most Valuable Player – Lilli Bills
Fusick Award – Averi Curran

Men’s Varsity Baseball
Coaches: Mr. Ladd, Mr. Carey & Mr. Moore
Coaches’ Award – Jaewon Oh
Most Valuable Player – Case Marino
Shaw Trophy Award – Harry Meehan

Men’s JV Baseball
Coach: Mr. Moore
Coach’s Award – Carter Masterson
Most Improved Player – Hayden Weeks

Equestrian Team
Coaches: Ms. Cote & Ms. Moreno
Most Outstanding Rider Award – Eden Shaw

Varsity Golf
Coach: Mr. Cramer
Coach’s Award – Cate MacDonald, Harry Waite
Most Valuable Golfer – William Wu

Women’s Varsity Lacrosse
Coaches: Ms. Knowles & Ms. DiBari
Coaches’ Award – Casey Chesner, Maggie Hamill
Burch, Nolet, Moore Most Valuable Player Award – Nina Morel
Anna Menke Award – Cali Bishop

Women’s JV Lacrosse
Coaches: Ms. Duncan & Ms. Buteau
Coaches’ Award – Mary-Ann McMaugh
Most Improved Player Award – Ally Garron

Men’s Varsity Lacrosse
Coaches: Mr. Henry, Mr. Driscoll, & Mr. Gorman
Coaches’ Awards – TBA following Lakes Region Tournament
Burch, Nolet, Moore Most Valuable Player Award – TBA following Lakes Region Tournament
Babcock Award – TBA following Lakes Region Tournament

Men’s JV Lacrosse
Coaches: Mr. Pinkham & Mr. Hobbs
Coaches’ Awards – Owen Romanek
Most Improved Player Award – Agnar Magnusson

Women’s Varsity Tennis
Coaches: Mr. Brummer & Ms. Lima-De Angelis
Coaches’ Award – Emily Hansen
Most Valuable Player Award – Sophia Hausberger

Women’s JV Tennis
Coach: Ms. Frame
Coach’s Award – Paige Noyes, Emily Grace-Spaulding
Most Improved Player Award – Coco Zhang

Men’s Varsity Tennis
Coach: Ms. Lima-De Angelis
Coach’s Award – Santiago Parra Manrique
Most Improved Player Award – Herdegan Duenbostel, Brian Moran
Bicknell Award – Trevor Castino, Roni Senusoglu

Men’s JV Tennis
Coach: Mr. Carter
Coach’s Award – Matt Bird
Most Improved Player Award – Eneko Aransaez Piedra

Named Award Descriptions


This trophy, established by the Shaw family in 1967, honors the three generations who played baseball at New Hampton School: Lewis Shaw, 1897; Paul Shaw, 1937; and Jim Shaw, 1963. Jim, a pitcher on the 1963 team that compiled a 13-1 record, continued his baseball career at Dartmouth College and later returned to New Hampton School to both teach and coach baseball from 1967-69. This award is presented to the player whose outstanding ability, effort, and attitude contribute the most to the success of their team.


The Fusick Award was established in honor of Carey Fusick, the student-athlete who founded softball at New Hampton School. In 1994, with the financial backing of her family and the assistance of some dedicated faculty and peers, Ms. Fusick dug out the bases, erected the backstop, and dressed the players for that inaugural season. That quality of sheer determination and tenacity distinguishes each year’s recipient of the Fusick Award.


The Anna Menke Women’s Lacrosse Award was established to honor the dedication, love, and passion for the game of lacrosse by Anna Menke, class of 2012, who distinguished herself during her New Hampton and collegiate lacrosse careers. Her ability to hold herself and her teammates at the highest standard will be remembered by any Husky that stepped on the field with her. She always put her team first while working to better her own game. The Anna Menke Lacrosse Award recognizes the women’s lacrosse player that exhibits both superior athletic skill and dedication to the team, all while setting a high standard of sportsmanship, leadership, and work ethic by which the rest of the team must compete.


Named in honor of the late Lansing Bicknell, former New Hampton School teacher, athletic director, and dedicated tennis coach, the Bicknell Tennis Award recognizes the member of the New Hampton School Varsity Tennis Team who best demonstrates skill, determination, and sportsmanship—qualities that Bicknell demanded from his players.


In 1965 Blake Babcock, then a first-year history teacher at New Hampton School, started competitive lacrosse on campus. A player at Hamilton College, he brought his great knowledge of the game and love of the sport in time for the NHS 1966 spring season. He fielded many competitive and league championship squads in the early days of the game, and will long be remembered for his well-coached, disciplined teams. To commemorate Babcock’s accomplishments, this award recognizes the player whose ability and leadership has contributed most to the team in a given season.


The Burch, Nolet, Moore Most Valuable Player Award for Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse was established to honor four gifted lacrosse players from the Classes of 1973 and 1974. Charles J. Burch III ’73, Daniel A. Burch ’74, Alan D. Nolet ’74, and Robinson C. Moore ’73 who were all instrumental in putting New Hampton School Lacrosse on the map. These four players are being honored for the outstanding dedication, contribution, and talent they displayed while playing lacrosse at New Hampton School. This Most Valuable Player Award recognizes both a Men’s and Women’s lacrosse player who exhibits both superior athletic skill and dedication to the team and school community, all while performing at the highest level and demonstrating the characteristics of leadership, work ethic, and talent. This spring 2021 ceremony marks the inaugural awarding of this named achievement.

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