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Our Faculty are also Lifelong Learners

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During the school year, faculty focus on students. They dedicate countless hours to classroom instruction, curriculum development, residential life activities, coaching, and time spent building important relationships with their students. One of the reasons they are so successful at their jobs is because of their ability to role-model the New Hampton School mission; to cultivate lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens.

While summer is an important time to rest, and rejuvenate, one of the ways many of our teachers refresh their love of their craft, is through professional development. Whether they take time to immerse themselves in the language that they teach, enroll in graduate classes, present at or attend a conference, our faculty embrace the opportunity to expand their professional expertise, network with colleagues, and consider new approaches to teaching our students.

As faculty and staff come together to finalize details for the school year and share their summer travels, we reached out to learn more about some of the wonderful professional development opportunities faculty experienced. Here are just a few:

Director of Experiential Learning, Jonathan Schwab traveled to the American Canyon High School, just north of San Francisco, to attend a Project Based Learning course hosted by the Buck Institute for Education, the world’s largest gathering of educators for Project Based Learning. Following the conference, Mr. Schwab will offer faculty-wide professional development on Project Based Learning in November. As part of his trip, he participated in a one-day pre-conference “Project Slice,” where he took on the role of a student in a project based learning lesson. “This really helped me to get the most out of the conference as it opened my eyes to what students experience in these learning opportunities,” shares Mr. Schwab. Mr. Schwab’s IB History, Freshman Seminar, and history elective will all experience a more project-based curriculum this year.

Hannah Matlack, French Faculty, spent five weeks taking classes in the Mediterranean city of Montpellier, France and lived with a host family. Her classes focused on honing grammar specificities and intricate vocabulary to improve her verbal and reading abilities in French. Ms. Matlack enjoyed authentic conversation every evening about culture, cuisine, and French politics while practicing the skills she learned each day. In addition to working on her language skills, Ms. Matlack is excited to share more of the French and European culture she came to understand with her World Language classes at New Hampton School.

Academic Support Faculty Sara Tyson attended the Northeast Independent Schools Mindfulness Conference at Middlesex School in June. Here, independent school professionals discussed the best practices in bringing mindfulness into their school communities, for students, faculty, and staff. Mrs. Tyson returned to Middlesex School in August for a 4-day silent retreat sponsored by iBme, Inward Bound Mindfulness Meditation. This retreat included independent school professionals, parents, and alumni; together they engaged in mindful movement, and seated and walking meditation on the school campus in Concord, MA.

Last year, Mrs. Tyson and Director of Students Activities Jen Churchill brought weekly mindfulness practices to the New Hampton School community that provided opportunities for individuals to refresh, rest, focus, and center themselves during an often busy and fast-paced school year. We look forward to more of this important practice in the year ahead.

Director of Performing Arts Joe Sampson was delighted to spend 3-days attending the Broadway Teachers Workshop. Each day, teachers selected a different workshop which was conducted by a member of the Broadway community, in some cases, performers that were on stage that night! Each evening, conference attendees saw a different Broadway musical and then had a talkback with the cast and crew members. Some of the great workshops Mr. Sampson attended included “Freestyle Rap and the new Broadway Musical,” “Fiasco: Ensemble Creation and the beautiful rigors of Text Work,” “Directing Musicals, ” and “Backstage at the Legendary New Amsterdam Theatre.” Mr. Sampson writes “This was an experience of a lifetime. It gave me invaluable tools and strategies to bring to my classroom and my rehearsals.” Renowned for his dynamic, witty, and fun teaching already, Mr. Sampson’s students will undoubtedly benefit from his recent inspiration.

Important to the success of our faculty, and our ability to deliver our mission, is that we continue to grow as educators, expand our professional background and role-model the important citizenship that we teach. Learn more about our dynamic faculty and curriculum.

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