Commencement at New Hampton School takes place in front of Meservey Hall.

College Bound; Four Students Reflect on Their Past and Future

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This article was first posted in the 2016 issue of Hamptonia.

Prior to graduation last spring, these four students reflected on their time on campus and shared some thoughts on the future ahead b Each represents a different path academically, athletically and artistically at the school. The varied programs in which they excelled, demonstrates the breadth and depth of the New Hampton School experience.

How did you end up selecting your college?

YEVA YIN: MIT has always been my dream school. Its location is just a few miles
from where I live now, and its strong academic program is great! It is the best place
for me to live and thrive.

MAIREAD BOISVERT: I chose Merrimack because when I stepped on campus I got
that feeling of home. It was almost the exact same feeling as when I first stepped
on New Hampton’s campus as a freshman. I felt confident that I could succeed at

CHRISTIAN EVERETT: For about a year Columbia was my favorite school so being
accepted was a great day and a phenomenal accomplishment for me and my family.

OWEN MCMAHON: I wanted to choose a small school with a big school
environment and Providence was the right choice. I connected with some alumni that
attended the school and I was impressed with their experience.

How did New Hampton School prepare you for college?

YY: My college counselor, Mrs. Kosakowski has been a great help. She tracked my
college process, and made sure that everything I needed for college was prepared. In
addition, she and my English teacher, Dr. Woodard, helped revise my college essays
several times. The college office and the teachers enabled me to feel more confident
and prepared for the college application.

MB: I am so prepared for college! I could not have done it without the constant
support of the faculty over my four years. The Academic Support Program helped me
prepare for Merrimack by giving me skills to manage my time, and teaching me how
to spread out my workload with homework and study techniques.

OM: NHS showed how important it is to be involved with the school. It has helped
me socially and academically. New Hampton has shown me how important it is to
take advantage of great opportunities that are given to me. New Hampton is also
more academically rigorous and has pushed me to be a better student.

What surprised you the most about your NHS experience?

MB: What surprised me the most about my time at New Hampton was how much I
personally grew. My grades sky rocketed and so did my voice. I realized that I didn’t
need to hide who I was and I could truly be myself.

CE: I was actually very surprised by the relationships that I was able to make. I came
in with the knowledge that I would only be here for one year, so it would be difficult to
make long-lasting friendships, but I have been able to do just that.

OM: What surprised me the most was how competitive it was both in the classroom
and on the athletic fields.

What are you looking forward to as you head off to college?

MB: I am extremely excited to start my college classes and learn about the criminal
justice system since I am majoring in criminology. I am also really looking forward to
coming back to Husky Nation and visiting!

CE: I am looking forward to playing college football at a high level. I am also looking
forward to being in New York City and building a foundation for my future.

OM: I am looking forward to preparing myself for a career. I am also looking forward
to being more independent and exposing myself to different ways of thinking.

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