Head Reflection: Gratitude for Community Strength

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I am thankful for the year we are having at New Hampton. With support from coaches and teachers across the community, our admission team filled the School with a wonderful group of students who have demonstrated sincere appreciation for being part of Husky Nation. The pandemic has been hard on young people, and the relatively “normal” experience this year has clearly been good for their psyches.

A Dedicated Community

The housekeeping and facilities teams have extended themselves to support work on new projects while continuing to manage the complex day-to-day needs of our physical plant, our students, and our faculty. Like much of the United States, we have experienced some staffing shortages. I greatly appreciate how our teams have stepped in where needed so that the student experience is not impacted negatively.

The dining staff has one of the toughest jobs on campus, satisfying the culinary desires of such a diverse community. I appreciate their creativity, responsiveness, and positive attitudes. We recognize what a great team of individuals they are and their enduring dedication to their work and the well-being of this community.

In the student life office, the need to provide essential supports and services for students and their families has never been more urgent. COVID guidelines, character education, housing, and the mental health dynamic for our population are topics that just don’t let up. I am humbled by all the student life office staff do.

The academic office works tirelessly with teachers and our Academic Support Program faculty to serve the needs of individual students, particularly those who have experienced lost learning due to online schooling. Our faculty go to great lengths to support our students, providing every opportunity to succeed.

In the college counseling office, counselors create awareness for the “best fit” options for our seniors, helping them present their strongest possible applications while advocating on their behalf as the college admission landscape becomes increasingly complex and competitive. The college process is stressful for students and parents, and our staff work to provide options and match a candidate’s desired list of schools with what is most appropriate for the student’s long-term goals.

And then there is the health center, which has helped guide us through complicated COVID waters, provided daily care for student needs at all hours, and is faced with regular questions about the pandemic that no one has the answers to.


Ever-Changing Landscape

The pandemic has changed the world in many ways. I regularly contemplate the particular nature of the new work demands on our faculty and staff. Life is increasingly complex as we try to provide a level of service, care, and educational outcomes for our students and families that is exceptional. But I, along with my fellow employees, have a desire to learn, and we continue to evolve to meet the changing landscape of educational needs of our students.

Our employees are drawn to working with young people because they want to impact others’ lives positively. They dedicate long hours in our 24/7 environment and work hard to become specialists in various categories. I am grateful to work with such a strong and dedicated community of adults.

A Strong Finish and a Fresh Start

As the winter holiday season arrives, I extend my gratitude to the employees at New Hampton School, our parents whom we work so hard to partner with, and our alumni and friends who provide much-needed support and engagement, fueling Husky Nation as we begin our next 200 hundred years.

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