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New Hampton School announces 198th Convocation Speaker

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We are thrilled to announce that beloved English faculty member, coach and house parent, Luke Tobin is our school’s 198th Convocation speaker. Mr. Tobin was awarded the O’Connor Excellence in Teaching prize this past spring.

Voices of New Hampton students and faculty photo
Participants from the spring Voices of New Hampton presentation gathered for a photo.

Elected by Students

The student leaders who helped us select the award recipient spoke at length about the time Mr. Tobin spends preparing classes that are challenging, engaging and student-driven. If one were to visit his classes, they would observe the same thoughtful and engaging design with students wrestling complex questions and making sophisticated use of textual evidence to support their arguments. While the student achievement is admirable, it’s evident that a lot of teacher creativity and preparation underlie it.

New Hampton School Snowboarding Team
For the past several years, Mr. Tobin has coached the school’s snowboarding team, gathered here at a competition.

Outside of the Classroom

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Tobin is often found playing ping pong with students in the Small House basement, driving advisees to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee, playing tennis with students during the New Hampton Open, or shredding with students on the slopes. Whatever he does, he does it with his full heart. His passion for life, sport and learning inspires students to engage fully, to try something new, to learn and grow.

We look forward to Mr. Tobin’s remarks at Convocation on Sunday, September 2 at 4pm during opening weekend.

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