Husky Strong: Students Making Strides for Breast Cancer Awareness

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In her Junior year at New Hampton School, Martina Pike ’24 saw an opportunity to contribute to a cause she believes in with the help of Husky Nation. In her own words, she shares her experience.  

Each year, about 266,400 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. October is dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness. Across multiple states, walks and fundraisers are held to raise awareness and funds for research and education. 

Growing up in New Hampshire, I attended these walks annually. When the leaves started to fall, I asked my mom, “when is that day I get to wear pink?” As I grew older, I began to comprehend why we were wearing pink and walking with a large crowd of people. I understood what I was walking for, and it made me feel proud to represent all the people in my life who have had breast cancer and to dedicate my time to honoring the survivors and those who have lost the battle.

Seeing an Opportunity

Coming into my junior year, I felt motivated to bring this passion to the New Hampton School community. My initial idea was to take a bus full of students down to Concord and participate in the walk that has been part of my life since I was in a stroller. That plan would not align with our busy schedules here at New Hampton. It was hard to find a date that would allow many students to participate. This sparked the idea of hosting our own breast cancer walk on campus.

With a date set, we brainstormed ways of raising money through t-shirts, bracelets, and a bake sale. I began to see the walk come to life. Our Husky Strong shirts gave the community a way to contribute and represent what our school was doing. We sold awareness bracelets on Family Weekend, which were a huge hit, and another step towards reaching our goal. 

A Vision in Pink

The day of the walk seemed surreal to me. I woke up before my alarm and was eager to get set up. Blowing up balloons, marking the track, and getting all the pink out, brought butterflies—though we didn’t realize how long this would take. As Ms. Corselli said, “I guess we need more than two hours to set up!” Either way, it was great to reflect on and improve for years to come.


The results of the breast cancer walk meant fundraising for the American Cancer Society as well as a day of camaraderie.

Feeling an Impact

A huge part of my enjoyment from putting together the walk was hearing everyone’s stories, how breast cancer impacted their lives, and feeling excited to be part of this great cause. The personal stories that many of our community members shared were brave and impactful. I was overjoyed to see the New Hampton community pull together and represent all who have been affected.

The most magical moment was standing up in front of everyone to present the check. Watching our community come together and have fun for a cause was the best part of this organizing experience. I would like to recognize Mrs. Williams and Ms.Corselli for helping me put together such a successful event. I am also very appreciative that the community here allowed me to explore outside of the box and supported me every step of the way. I am grateful to everyone who contributed in their own way. Together, we exceeded our fundraising goal bringing in $1,703. It was outstanding to know that the New Hampton community has made a difference. I am excited for the coming years and can’t wait to watch the New Hampton Breast Cancer walk become a favorite fall tradition.

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