Rising Student Leaders; New Hampton School’s 2020-2021 Student Leadership

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Student leaders are essential in the day-to-day support of our community. As student council members, house proctors, honor board, International Ambassadors, or Student Activities Council, they have direct responsibility for many facets of student life at New Hampton School. All student leaders serve as positive role models and exemplify the leadership qualities of respect, approachability, and integrity. Please join us in congratulating the following students on their positions for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Rising junior Charlie Truesdale will serve as Class Co-President next year.

Student Council

The Student Council is advised by a faculty member and led by the Student Body Co-Presidents. With the help of their faculty Class Deans, Student Council members run class meetings and assist with the planning and execution of weekend activities. They lead School Meetings, cultivate school pride, and serve as liaisons between students and school administration.
The results of the Student Body and Class President elections were announced in April. The incoming freshmen class will hold their election this fall; additionally, two class representatives from each class are also elected each fall term. Please join us in congratulating the following students.

Student Body and Class Presidents

Student Body Presidents: Cam Devlin and Emma Robertson
2021 Class Presidents: Sage Patel and Gabe Tyson
2022 Class Presidents: Sophia Hausberger and Charlie Truesdale
2023 Class President: Oluchi Nnadozie-Okananwa and Lucie Legro

Student leader Lindsey Duggan will take on the role of Honor Board Chair at New Hampton School.
Lindsey Duggan, right, will take on the role of Honor Board Chair beginning in the fall of 2020.

Honor Board

The Student Honor Board Chair and Honor Board Members show a deep understanding of the Honor Code and major school expectations. They represent the student voice at Honor Board meetings and are expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality. Current Honor Board Chair Will Wood ’20 announced his successor, Lindsey Duggan, last week. We will also soon share the 2020-2021 honor board members.

Honor Board Chair: Lindsey Duggan

Student leaders include the Student Activities Council members.
Sarah LaCroix will help lead in the Student Activities Council in 2020-2021.

Student Activities Council

The Student Activities Council is led by the Student Co-Chairs and facilitated by the Director of Student Activities. Their mission is to plan regular weekend activities. They attend and encourage others to attend planned events. They also may assist the Student Council for all-school activities.

Student Activities Co-Chairs:

Maile Tur
Sarah LaCroix
Karen Komatsu
Evan Guillory

Upcoming Leadership Announcements

In addition to the positions already shared, the month of May will see many more additions to the student leadership of 2020-2021. International Ambassadors and Honor Board Members, as well as Green and White Team Captains, will be shared soon. Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore roles such as House Proctors, Husky Ambassadors in the Admission Office, SOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations), and others each year. We look forward to learning more about next year’s student leaders in the coming weeks and this fall. Way to go, Huskies!

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