100 Days Dinner: Class Tradition Reaches Its 10th Year at New Hampton

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The journey to graduation has many steps along the way. Aside from classes, tests, and games, students celebrate their final semester on-campus with a series of events. The official kick-off to this series is the 100 Days Dinner. Hosted approximately 100 days prior to Commencement, this tradition is beloved at many schools and colleges. It marks a countdown, of course. But most importantly, it indicates a time to begin savoring experiences together as a full class.

“The time we have left with each other is significant. It is an opportunity to continue to develop new relationships and strengthen those that already exist. This is our chance to be grateful, challenge ourselves and cherish every moment we have left.” — Sam

100 days dinner

The Countdown Begins

On Thursday, February 4, the 106 members of the Class of 2021 gathered for their 100 Days Dinner. This year marks the earliest it has been hosted, and this, our bicentennial class, also holds a special place as the 10th class to experience this newer tradition at New Hampton School. While this year’s event was hosted on campus, the carefully crafted luster of the ceremonial night added to the highly anticipated celebration. Dressed for their first formal-attire night of the semester, the classmates posed for a class picture before walking to the transformed dining hall.

Speakers for the celebration included members of the student council TJ McMahon, Sage Patel, Sam Rivet, and Gabe Tyson, as well as student body co-presidents Cam Devlin and Emma Robertson, and Head of School Joe Williams P’22. As one of the few non-public events for this class, it highlights a time for internal reflection and energizing engagement. Close together, the night solely focuses on the relationship as a whole class and enjoying time together. From a formal dinner prepared just for them to games, karaoke, and other revelries, they’ll be able to look back at this night as an out-of-the-ordinary experience filled with laughter and memories.

“It may seem cliche but take advantage of these last 100 days. Be grateful that we can spend it together because so many schools can’t spend this time together. This is the last time that this exact group of people will be in this place that we’ve all given so much to.” — Cam

100 days dinner

What Comes Next

Preparations for commencement go hand in hand with preparations to become alumni of our school. Soon, they will join the distinguished list of thousands of New Hampton School graduates from more than 70 countries. And while they continue their spring semester, their academic and co-curricular schedules will be complemented by programs from the Alumni Office, College Office, the Head of School’s office, and others. They will learn about the benefits of networking on social platforms and at events, embrace a number of award ceremonies, establish a class gift, and much more before signing each other’s yearbooks and spotting their names on bricks along the paths of Husky Nation in time for Commencement. We wish our class of 2021 all the best as they focus on their finish as students of New Hampton School, and eagerly await to welcome them as alumni.

“You all have made a meaningful impact in my life in some way or another, and I am extremely thankful to have been welcomed to such a supportive and down to earth community.” — Sage

100 days dinner

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