Living Like a Local: 5 Husky Recommended Off-Campus Snacks

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Fall is officially here, and Husky Nation’s hunger to get off-campus is equally matched by its love of local meals, treats, and snacks. We recently asked students, faculty, and alumni for their top recommendations in the area. Here, they share their wisdom.

Please remember to practice kindness and patience when visiting establishments, as many local restaurants are short-staffed during the pandemic, even as tourist season continues throughout the fall. Thank you, Huskies!


Coffee and snacks on campus
Heading to class with some iced coffee in hand.

Get Your Coffee Buzz

One of the most requested treats for students is a good cup of coffee. Quite specifically—iced coffee. And while the local Dunks is a go-to, the Lakes Region is filled with local brews coveted by students and teachers alike.


The Country Store offers a wide variety of snacks for Huskies in New Hampton.
Our Country Store has some favorite breakfast and sandwich items and much more, all conveniently on Main Street.

Subs and Sandwiches for Classic Comfort

The most recommendations came in this category and with one place ranking highest. And for a good reason. Sandwiches are easy to grab on the go, and a hearty sub can quench the appetites of the hungriest Huskies. Check out these locations for some top-choice comfort foods.


Pizza is a favorite treat, whether on or off-campus.

Pizza for All

Finding the proper pizza to fit your taste can be a challenge, especially in a school community with members from over 30 countries. Some people prefer a thicker crust, some chewier, some with extra sauce, some wood-fired…the idea of what makes the best pizza is very personal. Here are the top suggestions to check out.

Beyond Ordinary

When the craving strikes for not-typical New England fare, a world of restaurants is gaining popularity to test out. All of these received high praise from community members here in New Hampton.

Time for Breakfast

One of the most beloved meals on campus is Sunday Brunch. So it’s no wonder that breakfast foods are a popular category all on their own. While some of these are often the hangouts of tourists as well as locals, they are popular for a reason—the food is delicious. Be sure to check them out!

Looking for more?

If you need recommendations for other places to visit, your classmates, teachers, coaches, and advisor probably all have their favorites. From a great sit-down dinner to share with your parents when they visit to a great scoop of ice cream, central New Hampshire has fantastic offerings that go beyond the chain-restaurant listings. Have a friendly recommendation of your own? Share it in the comment section below.

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