Back to School: Helpful Tips for Adjusting to the New Semester

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Returning to classes after weeks of time off is welcome but also challenging. With many students returning to campus, and others engaging remotely, routines for each person will look different. Help take control of your back to school time by establishing a healthy routine with these tips. Be well, Huskies!


Stick to a regular sleep and work schedule.

While it may be tempting to keep your vacation sleep schedule, you’ll feel more prepared for classes with a good sleep routine when you head back to school. Likewise, keeping your study and class times on a regular schedule will help balance your day and allow for adequate free time. Don’t forget to schedule a time for exercise to keep your mind and body prepared for the day.

Start your morning by reviewing your plan for the day.

Are you free this afternoon? We’ve all been asked this question and had to wonder. Make sure to review your schedule every morning looking at classes, assignments due, advisory/school meetings, study time, and other commitments.

Try mindful techniques during breaks.

Meditations, breathing exercises, and stretches will give your mind and body not only a break from your day but a boost to your mind and body. Be sure to work these in between classes and while studying. Reestablishing these habits during your routine will help them stick throughout the semester.


Check-in with your friends.

Make time to check-in with your friends and housemates. Whether for study groups or socializing, spending time with friends is necessary. Hop on a video call and stay connected!

Keep your workspace and relaxing space separate.

As comfortable as your blankets may be, classwork and studying are best completed in a dedicated workspace. Establish this boundary to help your relaxing space also feel more relaxing.


Take breaks from social media and news sources when you can. It is important to give your mind a break from the constant (and sometimes overwhelming) stimulation of these sources.


Back to school calls for reestablished routines and healthy habits.

Show compassion.

This goes for yourself and others. Not every day will be perfect, even with your best planning. Remember that each day is a new opportunity to grow and give yourself and others the grace to make mistakes or have an off-day emotionally.

Reach out for support.

If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to a trusted adult on campus. Whether that is an advisor, teacher, coach, or staff member, they will be ready to provide you with a space to talk and listen. You can also schedule a time with Ms. Siciliano at the Health Center for a call, virtual video chat, or in-person visit.

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