Foliage Day 2017, Burleigh Mountain

Foliage Day, A Tradition That Lasts

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Though the tradition may vary slightly from year to year, Foliage Day never fails to spread smiles across the community and cheers of enthusiasm from students and faculty alike. This year, Mr. Williams shared a fun video the night before Foliage Day took place so that the community could enjoy a night off from homework and class preparations followed by sleep-in the next morning.

Foliage Day 2017

After unseasonably warm temperatures in September, the weather cooperated with one of the first breezy, sunny fall days we have experienced so far. The whole school gathered at 10 am in the theater for some instructions and announcements and then began the two-mile hike across New Hampton and up to Burleigh Mountain, the schools nearby 250-acre property. Conversations between students, faculty, advisory groups and staff ranged from the weather to family to upcoming activities to politics. Everyone moved at their own pace, and eventually, the whole community was gathered on Burleigh Mountain enjoying a gorgeous fall day.

Alpine Tower, Burleigh Mountain
Alpine Tower, Burleigh Mountain

Burleigh Mountain

Burleigh Mountain has had many uses over the years and includes an old ski slope, an alpine ropes tower, and beautiful views of the Pemigewasset River valley, campus, and the White Mountains far in the distance. Some students enthusiastically hiked above the clearing where everyone gathered to take in the views and snap a photo at the top of the mountain, others tested their coordination and balance on the Alpine Tower, and some students soaked up the sunshine and fully relaxed with their peers.

Advisory groups hiked together to the top of Burleigh Mountain.
Advisory groups hiked together to the top of Burleigh Mountain.

Whether Foliage Day is a hike up one of New Hampshire’s larger mountains, like nearby Cardigan Peak which was a destination of the past, or a mellower hike, such as the one to Burleigh last week, the tradition always serves to unite the community, energize us for the busy weeks leading into the holiday season and remind us of the beautiful area in which we live.

Following a great morning and lunch outdoors on a spectacular day, students and faculty made their way back down the hill to campus and returned in time for co-curricular activities, dinner, and study hours before returning to the academic week.

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