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Get to Know our New Hampton School Co-Presidents

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Last spring, Husky Nation elected student body co-presidents for the 2018-2019 academic year. Since the elections in May, Johnny Beaudet and Kelly Matthews have been planning with the Student Life Office about how they will guide their peers, build community, and inspire the school to a great year.

As we prepare for the arrival of students to campus, Johnny and Kelly shared some of their goals, vision, and enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

Head of School Joe Williams with co-presidents Johnny and Kelly at an August welcome dinner.
Head of School Joe Williams with co-presidents Johnny and Kelly at an August welcome dinner.

Kelly joined New Hampton School as a sophomore from Abington, Massachusetts. Since arriving at New Hampton School, she has jumped into activities from athletics to arts and student leadership.

Why did you decide to run for student body co-president?

I have always been a big advocate for taking advantage of the opportunities we are given in Husky Nation. We are some of the most fortunate kids on earth to be able to live and learn in a place that is fashioned with the lone goal of helping us succeed. I wanted to become a leader in the community in order to help encourage participation and enthusiasm from others. I am also very passionate about nurturing our inclusive and supportive environment. I figure the best way for me to contribute to that culture is to take a prominent role in the community where I can radiate positivity.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role this year?

This year, I hope to nurture and grow the already existing atmosphere of inclusivity, enthusiasm, and camaraderie in Husky Nation. I hope to make an impact on my peers, that ultimately triggers universal positivity and appreciation to live and learn alongside one another.

How do you plan to support your classmates?

I plan to support my peers by being an approachable and nonjudgmental friend. I plan to reach out and get to know my fellow classmates and allow them to get to know me on a real and personal level. I also plan to support good decision making in the community by opening the door to ongoing conversations about issues that may test me and my peers. Most simply, I plan to support my classmates by leading through example of right doing with kindness and an open mind.

New Hampton co-president Johnny and members of the football team.
Among his many roles on campus, Johnny is an active tour guide and member of the football team.

Johnny watched his older brother graduate from New Hampton School, and now guides his younger sister through the same experience. A day student from Franklin, New Hampshire, Johnny joined New Hampton as a freshman.

Why did you decide to run for student body co-president?

Being around the school since my brother was here, I fell in love with the school and its atmosphere. I had an incredible freshman year where I was able grow and learn from many of the leaders in the senior class. Since then, I’ve always wanted to give back and give the same experience to kids in the younger grades. I want to be able to set a good example through school spirit, hard work and positivity.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role this year?

I hope to make everyone feel excited to participate and attend many of the events that happen throughout the year, such as sporting events, plays, etc. I also hope to get people to get out of their comfort zone, possibly finding out something about themselves or finding a new passion.

How do you plan to support your peers?

I plan on supporting my fellow students by keeping myself available. I want students to have the freedom and trust to reach out to me for anything. Whether it is giving advice or help problem solving. I want students to use Kelly and me as their way of helping to get ideas across in hopes to make positive changes on campus.

New Hampton School students cheering on the sidelines.
Student leaders play an important part in modeling global citizenship and creating culture and opportunity for their classmates.

Kelly and Johnny will work alongside student proctors, student leaders, team captains, class representatives and numerous other students to help build culture and community for the year. As the school year begins, we are eager to see new students step into leadership roles throughout the school, following in the footsteps of their peers and filling the shoes of our recent graduates.

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