Meet Our School’s Counselor: Q&A with Nicole Siciliano

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New Hampton School supports students in many ways from advisors to coaches, who interact with students on a daily basis. We also feature a health and wellness team to support the physical and mental well-being of our community. To introduce students to the Director of Counseling Services, Nicole Siciliano, and provide insight into the services that she offers, we are happy to share this question and answer session. If you are a student interested in scheduling a time to meet or have additional questions, please reach out.

School Counselor Nicole Siciliano lives on campus in New Hampton.
Nicole Siciliano is the Director of Counseling Services at New Hampton School.

What do you do as a counselor at New Hampton School?

As the Director of Counseling Services, I support the social, emotional, and behavioral health of our students. Essentially, I am here to support you, to listen, to advocate for your needs, and to help you navigate the various challenges that come your way.

I’ve never talked to a counselor before. What can I expect if we meet?

Consider the Counseling Office as a safe place for you to relax and share what’s on your mind. So much happens during the school day; conflict with friends and roommates, stressful exams, pressure from home. It can be a lot to deal with. I hope that my office is a place where you feel comfortable exploring your thoughts. I will listen free of judgment, encourage you to share what you’re feeling, perhaps what you find challenging right now, and consider healthy choices.

Where are you located?

The Counseling Office is located upstairs in the Health Center. It is a nice space with a beautiful view of the campus. Come check it out.

The counseling office provides a safe, comfortable space to meet while also being easily accessible on campus.

When are you available?

I am available to meet with students during the school day and can be available to meet with students in the early evening by appointment. If you have a full academic and co-curricular schedule, no worries, we will find a time. Of course, I live on campus and can be available if there is an emergency as well.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Absolutely not. While it can often be easier to schedule a time in advance, undoubtedly there will be times when you can’t quite anticipate your emotions and just need someone to listen. I encourage students to stop by the Counseling Office anytime during the academic day. If I am with another student or out of the office, please shoot me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Health Center is located on Main Street between Berry Hall and Moore House.

How much of what I say is confidential? What could be shared with others, and are you going to tell my parents?

I believe that trust is essential. I want students to know that what they choose to share with me will stay private. On occasion, I will encourage students to allow me to share some of the challenges (not everything) they are facing with other trusted adults in their lives—such as parents, advisors, and house parents—in an effort to best support them. Of course, if the student may be a danger to themselves or others, I will need to break confidentiality.

I have a concern, but I want to remain anonymous. Who can I reach out to, and how?

If you have concerns for a peer, please don’t hesitate to share your concern with me or another trusted adult right away. We can check in on the safety of another student without revealing your identity. Should there be a situation that you are not comfortable discussing in person it may be reported through Safe Schools ALERT, which can be found on the Resource Board. If your concern is an emergency, do not wait, alert the AOD right away.


About Nicole Siciliano

Nicole Siciliano grew up in Connecticut and attended college in Vermont, earning a BA in Psychology from Saint Michael’s College. She continued her studies, earning an MEd in School Counseling and serving as a graduate fellow in admissions. Prior to coming to New Hampton School, she was a school counselor and college counselor at an independent day school just outside of Boston where she also served as freshman dean.

Nicole has a passion for helping students and families navigate through school and various mental health challenges. She is active in a number of professional networks, including the Saint Michael’s College Alumni Association, serving on the Alumni Board of Directors. Nicole lives on campus and serves as the faculty advisor to the GSA. She enjoys cooking, reading, and spending lots of time outdoors.

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