New Hampton School’s Extended Family: A Grandparent’s Reflection

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Today, we welcomed over 200 grandparents to campus to celebrate our annual Grandparents Day. To acknowledge and celebrate the role our grandparents play in the New Hampton School community, we spoke to a longstanding member of Husky Nation, Mary Vincent.  

For seven years, Mary Vincent has been coming to New Hampton School events to see her grandchildren. Her granddaughter Mairead graduated with the class of 2016 and her grandson, Ian ’20, will graduate this coming spring. We spoke with Mary about her New Hampton experience, what she loves about Grandparents Day, and the ways in which a New Hampton education has impacted her family.  

What is your favorite part about Grandparents Day?

Being with a beloved grandchild for a day is just the best. I get to see where they live on campus and I get to enjoy classes with them. It’s a real joy seeing them interact with friends as well.  

In terms of this year’s events, what are you looking forward to the most?

Seeing all the familiar faces of the great staff of New Hampton School. After seven years of attending Grandparents Day, I appreciate them all and the care and concern they have for the students. Dorm parents, for example, the people who are there for the students when an adult is needed.  

Other than Grandparents Day, have you been to any other New Hampton events?

Oh, what fun they are! Of course I have. Other than Grandparents Day, I’ve been to soccer games, lacrosse games, and the big Powder Keg days. I’ve come up to see my granddaughter Mairead as she heads off to prom nights as well as coming for her graduation ceremony back in 2016.   

As a grandparent of two New Hampton students, have you been able to participate in the New Hampton community?

Absolutely! Along with being welcomed to the various events, I’ve had the chance to contribute baked goods for exam weeks as well as lacrosse team suppers.  

Mary and her granddaughter, Mairead ’16.

How have your grandchildren been impacted by their New Hampton education?

Both of my grandchildren have grown up tremendously while at school. The 14-year-old became a self-assured 17-year-old. My Mairead, now a senior at Merrimack College, got the skills and education she needed to succeed. My Ian is on track to have choices of where he will go next year. They both worked hard and now have the skills to cope when bumps come along the way. Those bumps happen but they have both learned what to do and that is a true skill.  

Seeing a Return on Investment 

Mary’s experience as a grandparent of two New Hampton students is a testament to the strength and depth of the New Hampton community. The community that we encourage, foster, and promote on-campus extends well beyond Husky Nation to parents, grandparents, friends, and extended family. This feeling of attachment and pride comes from the positive impact that families can see in their students.  

At the end of the interview, Mary spoke to how highly she values the New Hampton experience, sharing that it is the best investment her family could have made.  

“I know this isn’t part of my [interview], but it’s just my final thought. As I walk around campus and look at the faces of the students I think, what better place to invest? Investments in the stock market, those sometimes disappoint. But an investment here? It will be a 100% return on investment. That sounds like a great deal to me.”

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