Packing in a Pandemic: What to Bring to Boarding School in 2020

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Packing for a semester of boarding school can be fun and challenging, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and packing can start to feel downright impossible. We have compiled a few packing essentials for boarders and some special tips for the pandemic to ensure you are prepared for everything!

1. The Basics

To start you on your packing journey, and to make sure you have all of the basic items you need, check out the Packing Checklist. This checklist is very comprehensive and lists out all of the vital items that you will need while you are on campus this upcoming school year.

2. The Do’s and Dont’s

In a post from 2019, former student Madison ’17 wrote The Do’s and Dont’s of Packing for Boarding School, which included some important nice-to-have items that you should consider when packing and other items that are often brought to campus but are either not allowed or just not worth it. We recommend checking these out as they continue to hold true year after year.

3. The COVID Considerations

We are excited to be returning to campus this fall, but in order to do so safely, there will be some changes made to the way we enjoy our community. Including the items below when packing will provide a safe and enjoyable stay on campus.

Masks – Make sure you have plenty of reusable cloth face coverings to get you from one laundry day to the next. Grab them in different colors to match outfits or with fun phrases to cheer up any friends you pass in the halls. When in doubt, go for Husky Green!

Hand Sanitizer Keychain – While hand sanitization stations will be available throughout campus, you can never be too prepared. Having a travel hand sanitizer with you at all times will keep you safe, and the keychains can be found in a variety of colors and prints to match your backpack!

Portable Lawn/Camp Chair – There are some fun, outdoor activities in the works to keep students entertained and safely distanced. Pack a lawn chair to make sure you are able to partake in these community events comfortably!

Games – While our Student Life Office aims to keep our days full of fun and campus has plenty of outdoor spaces for students to enjoy, exploration off campus in the fall could be limited. If you have a favorite game to play with friends, bring it along to make sure there is never a dull moment.

Winter Items – Students arriving to campus in the fall often forego their winter gear, opting to make a trip home to swap out their seasonal belongings once the weather begins to change. This year, consider bring what you will need to get you through the winter as off campus trips will be limited.

4. The Husky Hygge

Hygge, a Danish word for a cozy and comfortable mood or atmosphere, is a must-have for your dorm room this year. Up the cozy level in your space with a few of these suggestions.

Good books – If you find yourself with some extra free time, have a good book on hand to get your mind off of all that is going on in the world. If you can’t decide on which book to bring, the opening of the new Gordon Nash Library will have a slew of new titles for you to enjoy.

Slippers – That hygge-like feeling starts in your toes, so keep ’em cozy!

Throw Blanket or Snuggie – Enough said.

Make the most of this school year by being thoughtful about what you pack. Choose items that will prepare you for anything and everything! If you are shipping items, plan to allow extra time as shipping carriers experience extended timelines for delivery.

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