Rise Up

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While the meaning might be nuanced for each member of the community, we are eager to see how the New Hampton School community will Rise Up together in the 2017-2018 academic year. Last spring, as the school year came to a close, students voted on a theme to guide them through the next school year. Rise Up was the clear winner, and it aligns well with our community goals, values, and initiatives.

Whether students rise up to new challenges, rise up above injustice, or rise up in unity, we are eager to see how New Hampton students interpret and put into action their chosen theme. Student Body Co-President Patrick Kramer ’18 helped to select the themes that students would vote on for the year and he’s excited about the winner. “The theme Rise Up is so important for our community to remind us to keep improving upon ourselves. We hope to Rise Up and set a high standard for our school that forces us to become better year after year,” explains Patrick.

As Head of School Joe Williams writes in a recent letter to parents, “As our theme for this year states, we aspire to Rise Up and live our goals of respect and responsibility in a community that we can all be proud to call home.” Mr. Williams wrote to parents expressing enthusiasm for the year ahead and reflected on recent political events that make our role as educators—and our school theme—ever more important. In his first year at New Hampton School, he selected the theme Better Together to bring the community together and guide the school’s work. It was a wonderful success and continued to resonate from the school year’s orientation to closing days in May, serving as a fun opener to school activities and a central idea around which students and faculty could unite. Once again, students and faculty are already coming together over a powerful phrase.

“Rise Up, our New Hampton motto represents our spirit for this school year. Something we will hold one another to. Stepping up to every challenge, not alone, but with the entire community’s support and commitment.”

Eva Hodgson ’18 Student Body Co-President

Student Leaders, ready to help shape the 2017-2018 school year, will arrive on campus in just over one week. Many fun group activities and opportunities for bonding and reflection will strengthen this team and position them to guide their peers and underclassmen who will arrive on campus several days later. Under the leadership of Patrick and Eva Hodgson ’18, Student Body Co-Presidents, there will be many opportunities throughout the year for students to set goals, make decisions and foster connections that will strengthen our community. Community activities will focus on the importance of being inclusive, open and aware of the differences we strive to celebrate in our world. As a school with over 30 countries represented in our student population, New Hampton School has a tremendous opportunity to Rise Up and embrace the richness of our community, made up of many individuals with varied stories, perspectives, and experiences.

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